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Gryllis has been a member of MMGN since Nov 07 2006.

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Oh hi, I didn't see you there!

My name's Ben and I'm the editor of MMGN.

I often enjoy a nice pair of slacks.

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I see you have the Skyrule picture. :P
i still have not played new zelda yet :P
Hello =D
kenny!!!!!! dont make mrs. popo mad [Ragemog]
OMG It's Popo!
I'm sorry, I've been watching Dragon Ball Z Kai :D
Hello Ben. =) [Shifty]
hey ben is ur profile pic the dude from the IT crowd :)

You son of a bitch. [Shifty]
GreenThumb was here 2010 (love)

oh haii [Shifty]
Hi :D
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