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GangStarr has been a member of MMGN since Jul 22 2011.

PSN ID: slippery_midget

Recently moved to OZ from the US. Born and bread in the beautiful country of Barbados! Love rap, ps3 and weed. Wat else? Oakland everything!!

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Originally clicked to prop you on the Gangstarr username. But damn, ps3 rap and mary, Positive energy Yessss!!!!
Dont tell anyone at home i told you but the people over here are so much more friendly! My old man is an aussie and I would often holiday here before i made the move so it wasn't much of a shock. The wifey had the hardest time transitioning mainly because she didn't know anybody and she's not the type to go introduce herself. I have a lot of cousins around my age who i am good friends with so i introduced her to them and their partners.

But i definately miss home every now and again. Oakland for lyfe! [MOG]
Thought I'd return the wall love. I see you're from the U.S. Big culture change from U.S. to Aus? I used to live in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Dallas when I was younger. Haha and Raiders represent!
he looks like a pedo
Cave Johnson from portal 2, Founder & CEO of Aperture
Bob Marley? He looks high as a mother****er
The more I look, the stranger it gets...
Ahh, much better :D
Is that better? [MOG]
Your profile picture is quite disturbing @_@
I respect him, not a big follower though. Thought he got a bit lucky over Lebron for MVP last season. Still, a sensational player.
you like derrick rose?
Oh hi ^_^

Does the same thing to me, get the adobe flash player, which I already do :P
Ahhh such a classic!! Mr. Meth at his best!
M.E.T.H.O.D Man original cut here's the link
Can't see it. Just that Get Adobe Flash player bs.

What song is it?
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Great song =D
Thanks brother! I try...
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