Isla Nublar
Level 24 21833 Kudos 3167 Kudos Till Level 25

About Froggy

Froggy has been a member of MMGN since Nov 11 2005.


Xbox Gametag: Invisible Peter

Steam ID: PerpetualParadox

What can i say I'm ?? years old, I'm lazy, I Should probably go out more and socialize but hey its what u guys are for right. :P

I have a ps3, 360 and a wii

For Proof that I Contribute; Sometimes [MOG] Click Here If YOU DARE

I enjoy long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners and Lynching

Enjoy the Show and Please Try The Fish

Froggy has 52 Medals

Froggy's Wall

Special delivery.
You've been mushroomed!


Had to be done man
nice profile
I sometimes wonder if you're really trying?
1,000th day post!
Major pimping required!
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