Isla Nublar
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Froggy has been a member of MMGN since Nov 11 2005.


Xbox Gametag: Invisible Peter

Steam ID: PerpetualParadox

What can i say I'm ?? years old, I'm lazy, I Should probably go out more and socialize but hey its what u guys are for right. :P

I have a ps3, 360 and a wii

For Proof that I Contribute; Sometimes [MOG] Click Here If YOU DARE

I enjoy long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners and Lynching

Enjoy the Show and Please Try The Fish

Froggy has 52 Medals

Froggy's Wall

CHEEZE said:

Oh hi ^_^

You're asking for a death wish. [Shifty]
[sick] [sick] [sick] [sick]
I think I still want your babies [Shifty]
OMG! You are so cool dude, I think I want your babies :D
LOL at the elephant
nice seeing what ur walls like haha
i remember when u made that avatar i was there :D [Rage]
You killed my toilet the other day -_-

You blocked it, you clean it ^_^
You make me feel like dancing

... and
I saw this and thought of your love of the bizare...

it has Downs Syndrome =D =D =D =D
Not very imaginative but...

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