I like cats.
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Bloard has been a member of MMGN since Sep 13 2008.

Hey, I'm Andrew. I've been a member for around 7 years (I was 12 when I signed up ._. sorry if I said something dumb). Nowadays I mostly lurk because I don't play too many games any more since I've gotten into anime and manga.

IGN names and stuff

LoL - Weeaboo Jones (OCE)
Steam - psn_goinstarch
PSN - Tsuriika
twitch,tv -
WoW - Mao (Saurfang Horde)

Bloard has 79 Medals

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The bunny is a lie! lol :D

EndZion said: HI

HI ^_^


Stop whoring kudos on my wall [Shifty] [Shifty] Thats 8 Kudos you shouldnt have (evil)
=D =D =D

double post!
Hey! How you doin?:)

Matteh said: BLOARD!

Yay Party oon my page... just don't invite Sjt

How do you get medals bloard
Hello. I'm looking for people to add for SSBB. My code is 4339-7589-6921 and I've already added your code. Hope to fight you soon!
Rofl Perry
Dont Double post or you die
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