I know that you've been damaged. Your soul has suffered such abuse. But I am not your savior... I am just as f**ked as you.
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Hey guys. My name's Adam.

I'm 35.

I've been gaming since the Atari 2600, and even have some vague memories of playing my nans Colecovision back in the day... so yeah its been a long time.

Mostly I play games for the Single Player experience. Used to love Multiplayer gaming, but the Call of Doody (misspelt on purpose) community kinda put me off it. I play Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 3 online (xbox 360) mostly.

PS4 is typically a single player system for me. I love them both equally. I don't understand the whole "fanboy" thing when it comes to choosing a system. Both have their merits.

When I'm not gaming, I write. Poetry, stories.. you name it, chances are I have my toes in the water. I'm a fairly emotional guy, and I wear my heart on my sleeve...

I also work on a blog and also a YouTube series discussing issues with Mental Health. It's definitely a passion of mine.

So yeah.. thats about it.

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Yy hellloooooooooooooo there!!!

Howdy :D

Hai there *_*
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