Win! Skyrim PS3 Giveaway

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Skyrim PS3 Giveaway

Win 1 of 5 copies of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PS3!

To celebrate the launch of the Dragonborn DLC on PlayStation 3 today, we have five copies of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PS3 to give away!

Each winner will receive a copy of the game on PS3 and a Skyrim t-shirt.


1. Register or sign-in to (if you haven't done so)

2. Answer the question below

3. AND post below telling us why you haven't played Skyrim yet or why you need to play it again on PS3

'Like' or 'Tweet' this page.

And that's it! You're in the running to win Skyrim on PS3!

Giveaway closes on Friday, February 22, at midday.

Only open to Australian residents aged 15 years and over.

More about Skyrim's Dragonborn

With this official add-on for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, journey off the coast of Morrowind, to the island of Solstheim. Encounter new towns, dungeons, and quests, as you traverse the ash wastes and glacial valleys of this new land. Become more powerful with shouts that bend the will of your enemies and even tame dragons. Your fate, and the fate of Solstheim, hangs in the balance as you face off against your deadliest adversary – Miraak, the first Dragonborn.

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Competition by: Gryllis 371665Kudos 14/02/2013
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Win! Skyrim PS3 Giveaway Comments

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More winning [MOG]
I haven't played Skyrim before because I didn't have a current Gen console. I have a PS3 now and would love to give the game a crack!
i need to play skyrim again on ps3 because it would be awesome to use the thumb stick controllers instead of mouse and key
i have never played skyrim on PS3 and never could because i have only recently acquired a PS3 and haven't had the money to buy Skyrim
Living with "MALES" its hard to even get 10 minutes of gaming alone without them trying to take over. If i snatched up a copy of this maybe they would take me more seriously [Shifty].
I really need to play it on PS3 so I can say that I actually finished the game properly, instead of installing mods that let me stop time so I can fire 50 arrows in a ring around my opponents with an automatic crossbow, or use Unrelenting Force 50 times from the same spot and watch giants fly across the map.
I think I need to revisit the land of Skyrim back on PS3.
I mean, sure, I do have it on PC (with all it's glorious mods and whatnot, being able to run it with 16GB of RAM and 4GB of Graphics) but there was always something different about the console version in my honest opinion.

As much as mods make the game look and play better (albeit at times differently) I think one of the main ways Skyrim was supposed to be played is in it's 'true' vanilla form - and returning to the PS3 version will give me just that.
Have not played skyrim before due to there being so many other quality games out there. Winning a copy would provide me with a perfect excuse to get stuck into the world of skyrim!
MUST PLAY SKYRIM!!!!! heard bout it being the beastest game ever! Havnt played yet cause my pc cant handle it but was thinking bout getting it on PS3 but may aswell try get it for free! =D
You try prising the controller out of the hands of a 14yo! :'@
No premium edition! what is this?! [Rage]
It's still too recent to be found in the bargain bins of game stores, and with a list of 50+ PS3 games that I still want to play, and being a student with little money, it's the oldest and cheapest games I'll be getting around to first, unless I can win copies of new(ish) games like this
I have not played Skyrim yet because i bought a PS3 in the middle of last year and i have to play through the 46 separate Discs of games that i own for it

And i just finish playing all the Non Handheld Zelda from OoT to Skyward Sword (Except 4 swords)
Want to start getting into ps3, might as well do it with a game I could spend hours on.
I wanna have it on ps3 for three reasons. One, I have always wanted to play this game cause it looks so damn cool. Two, I don't have any money to buy Skyrim. Three, I don't have any other games for my ps3. I only have GT5, and I haven't bought any other games because I am broke and my parents won't buy me any. So I would really like to have Skyrim for ps3.
Been interested in it since I saw my brother playing it but never got around to buying it. Winning it would mean I would have no excuse to keep putting it off.
I dream at night that I am a warrior in Skyrim then I wake up and im just me, ZOIDBERG. Having this game would let me continue my dream without being asleep [WTF]
I haven't played Skyrim yet, because I thought it would be a good idea to finish Oblivion first. Two years later........still going :P
i want to play it again to kill the giants and the daemon prince ,and their fun to kill . =D
I borrowed skyrim from a friend for it to be only taken back before i could even delve into this game and would love to have a copy.
Haven't played Skyrim but I've heard good things about it. + The upcoming Elder Scrolls MMO
I haven't played Skyrim yet because I don't have the funds to get it, parents wont buy it, and no one else is willing to buy it for me since the day it came out. I really wish to play this as the elder scrolls is a fun series to play.
I haven't played Skyrim yet because (and this is not a joke) my girlfriend only lets me buy 2 games a year. Plus I'm pretty addicted to Battlefield 3 [Derp]
I have actually already played it but the thing is my little cousin stepped on the case and it broke. Dx I swear I couldn't stop crying! Skyrim is the best game in the world and now I can't even play/ continue the best journey in the universe! Until I saw this competition I had a little hope so I hope I win! Another reason is that the DLC's are coming out for PS3 so who wouldn't want a copy of Skyrim?!? Thanks, MMGN for this little ray of hope. :D
Very beautiful and amazing game. Do not play it, because there was no PS3, but I bought it and really want to play
Only just scored the new PS3 and must admit haven't got anough cash to buy this yet -_-
Loved morrowind, loved oblivion, now waiting to get my hands on this, finally a break in uni work to do so, so what better then hum along to score that is Skyrim as i venture through the vastness.
I have skyrim on PC and 360, why not a third copy? ^_^
Sold my copy ages ago since i thought ps3 users will never get the DLC but i would love to get it back. *_*
Haven't been able to afford it.
Have only play on pc, would be great to give my ps3 some mc'loven!!!
As believe it or not I've never heard of it till now but now my eyes have been opened to it
I been playing skyrim now and then but im waiting for the dlc to hit off even better .
I played the game on my friends PS3 and it was awesome but when i heard the DLC's wont work so i decided not to get it but now they finally made DLC's for skyrim now i want it badly [Rage] and hopefully i can do walkthroughs and reviews =D
cash strapped here and dying to give it a go .
i have always wanted to play skyrim, but unfortunately i am quite poor, not because i spend to much money on games but just the fact that living in aus is a bit difficult for me in these times, i would be the most amazing thing that would ever happen to me in a very long time if i one this copy of skyrim. Plus, i've played the arena, daggerfall, morrowind and oblivion so it would be awesome to continue the epic elder scrolls adventure! :D
I'd like to get my gauntlets on Skyrim because I'm fast-travelling to Sydney for University and my brother becomes the housecarl of our ps3, so I'll have to trade 400 gold at the marketplace for a new one, and then see which merchants have the best deals on games. Or increase my pickpocketing level, but I don't think the hold guards will be too impressed.
I just never got around playing it. Life was busy when Skyrim first came out and I ended up forgetting about it with other great games being released after it. I'd love to play it and see how awesome it is myself. :)
Don't own the game. Simple as that.
I have never played Skyrim but my best friend raves about it ALL the time - curiosity is getting the better of me!
Played it on XBox now we have PS3 would love to try
I havent played skyrim because my computer wasnt exactly top-notch. But now that I have a ps3, I can, and thats why I want it :)
ps3 pretty please!
I was just never bothered to play any of them before, but I ain't gonna pass on a freebie. :P Could be some fun.
I havent played Skyrim at all. All my spare cash has gone into family activities rather than something only I would play. I have been dreaming about owning it since it was released!
I need to play it again because it bugged out on me and I was never able to complete the thieves guild quests. Plus, I sold my other copy on ebay...oops.
I havent played Skyrim because my bloody husband keeps hogging the PS3!
I haven't played it before because until recently I had no idea what it was... now I'm keen to see what the fuss is all about. BTW ps3 thanks
I haven't played this yet because there are too many games vying for my attention.
The Jehovah's Witnesses I mistakenly let in last Sunday are still here!!
Never played it on ps3 due to the amount of bugs reported on this, but have always wanted to jump into the world of skyrim. The latest patch and this comp is the best chance I am gonna get to play it! Oh and I took an arrow to my...... X_X

master911 said: I have not played Skyrim yet because i bought a PS3 in the middle of last year and i have to play through the 46 separate Discs of games that i own for it
And i just finish playing all the Non Handheld Zelda from OoT to Skyward Sword (Except 4 swords)'re missing out on three...(TLoZ, Z2: The Adventure of Link and a A Link to the Past)
Six, if you're counting the three CDi titles.
hi they im just a broke guy looking for a free game I don't have many games on ps3 and i would love to have skyrim to play looks great thanks for reading
I haven't played it because with a toddler, working from home, a pile of books in my to-read pile that is almost as tall as I am, and 3 games for christmas. I somehow don't seem to have a whole lot of time. But boy do I want to find the time for this game....

Josh said:

master911 said: I have not played Skyrim yet because i bought a PS3 in the middle of last year and i have to play through the 46 separate Discs of games that i own for it
And i just finish playing all the Non Handheld Zelda from OoT to Skyward Sword (Except 4 swords)'re missing out on three...(TLoZ, Z2: The Adventure of Link and a A Link to the Past)
Six, if you're counting the three CDi titles.

From OoT To Skyward Sword - Those games were released eariler
I haven't had the funds to pay for a game
Was holding out for all the dlc, watching the dragonborn trailer for the DLC and having the chance to build my own house has won me over... now just to find some way to sneak this past the wife and get it.... or I could win this... and then everyone wins :)
Because I didn't finished it the first time
have yet to play this game would be nice to have a change in games
love to play this with the new controller...awesome
not enough money
I have always dissed Skyrim, saying that it was a great waste of time, useless and a crappy game. Now that I have read in depth about the game and the amazing reviews it has received, I have thoroughly thought of buying the game and giving it a go.

It would be a great opportunity for me to achieve winning a give-away and to win the Game!!
i need Skyrim on PS3 because when i played it on computer i couldn't help myself and over used the console commands and made it boring for me.
I am a house husband that can no longer afford awesome games and i missed buying this before my new bub
I would like it for my daughter who has ps3 and definitely does not have this game!
The answer is: Chuck Norris [MOG]
I've never played this but I need something to entertain myself during the NBA season when my other half is busy!
Now seems like a better time that ever to get with all the DLC coming out :D
Was gonna get it for 360 but never got around to it, if I win it would give me the push to finally go pick up the PS3 a friend said I can have
My gaming tastes are changing from mmo's back to fps, would like help in getting started with a great game.
It wouldn't run on my computer :(
Need to play Skyrim again, Haven't looted and killed enough villagers yet.

Haven't played it because I haven't got it!
I have recently just got a PS3 and I believe Skyrim would be the perfect game to dive into.
have it on gf's comp but she never lets me play it lol so need it for my ps3
I need something to play when I vist my brothers house!
I haven't played Skyrim because I was living in Vietnam and I stupidly left my playstation and psp back home. You cant buy them in the middle of nowhere!
Far too many good games came out last year and not enough time or money to play them all. Now I have the time I can devote to do Skyrim justice, it may just be the right time to invest it in.
I haven't played Skyrim yet because....I have no idea why. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll be playing The Elder Scrolls MMO and I'd love to be able play Skyrim to get me started into the series.
I haven't played Skyrim yet because I am waiting for ALL of the DLC to come out. Then I can play the complete experience without any gaps.
I have never played Skyrim yet cos this is the first Ive heard of it! Im not normally into games like this. However.....

Winning a prize like this will be a opportunity for me to try something new. Who knows - I might even become another obsessive of The Elder Scrolls!

I have not played it because my teenage sons always HOG the PS# and XBOX so i never get a turn!
Just got a ps3 for xmas-havent seen this game before-but it looks awesome!!!
Great my own copy!
Still waiting to win it to play it :)
Because I've only just got a PS3 :)
i love this game on PC- but PS3 would be sooo much better graphics. ;)
I need Skyrim on PS3 because I can't get my husband off it on the PC so I can have a turn!
I need to get my pc back so if I win this my teenage son can play on his PS3 and give me my pc back.. or even convert me to a ps3 player....
I need to play Skyrim again because my original copy got scratched and doesn't work any more :(
I haven't played this game yet because I have a missus who wont let me buy it, but if I win it that's another story ;)
Cos I'm not awesome yet [Rage]
It's hard to play a game when you haven't got it as yet.
I need to play it again because it is the awesomest game ever made and my brother "lost" my copy.... [Rage]
I'm usually about 2 years behind with games while I wait for the to come down to an affordable price
I played it on PC & Xbox 360 want to see how it's on ps3 :)
Yay, about to buy a PS3 next pay, and winning this game would be wicked, awesome! *_*
I'm ready for it, my husband surprised me with a PS3 for Valentines and I can't wait to play.
My boyfriend hogs the new computer games for weeks after we get them and he managed to scratch Skyrim beyond all playability before I had a chance to play it
I've been living under a rock for the past 5 years (otherwise known as studying far too much)
I need to play it again because I skipped half the content the first time in a rush to the end and then loaned my game away, note to self never loan games, they never return
I've been too busy playing the Younger Scrolls: Choc-top Rim!
because I can never get the controller out of my husband's hand to have a go.
My husband is a gaming addict! :'@
My beautiful loving wife wont let me get it because she likes to play COD and doesnt wanna lose the PS3 to skyrim
Needed to be sure it wasn't an overpriced craze.... clearly it's just bloody good fun! :)
My job owns me blood, sweat, tears and all so theres no time left for me to play :(
I traded in my Skyrim ages ago because of the lack of DLC on PS3, and this sound like a perfect opportunity to get back into it.
Tight-arse parents haven't treated me to it yet :-(
I've been distracted from my PS3 for a couple of years because my wife and I have had 2 babies. Now for my own sanity, I need to reunite with my PS3 and learn how to have fun again!
Skyrim requires attention, dedication and lots and lots of time, none of which I have had in the past, but I'll make time if I win.
Lack of money but would love to own it!
Because my husband always hogs it :(
Because I can't pay for it with bottle tops!
'Obi Ben Kenobi' You're my only hope!
I fear if I don't win this, I'll weep tears of blood into the ps3 and never get to whoop it's 'A' (evil)
Too busy, must play again!
I didn't know the game was out. Twitter name rider23320
Because I dont have it. =_=
As the Dragon Lady in these here parts, I gots ta whup me that critter!
We wants it, Precious....its ours...OURS!
;) would love thois please
I haven't played it because my son hasn't shared.
I haven't played this game yet because I lost my job, and can't afford to buy brand new games.
-woops its closed my bad :P -
I haven't even heard of Skyrim, let alone played it. I'd love to though, looks great.
I needs it cuz without it my head will esplode
I haven't played this game yet cos my son hogs the PS3! :'@
It has been soooooooooo long since I played it last and all my friends keep on talking about the game and all the awesome DLCs that are out.
Havn't played it cos my greedy house mate is always playing it so I need my own :) :'@ :'@ :'@
haven't played it yet but would love to! :*O
Damn...promotion has finished!
I haven't played Skyrim yet because I have only very recently gotten a current generation console but I'd love to try this game it looks awesome!
Graphics are so much better on PS3, especially in combination with our kick arse TV and surround sound.
Have never played it for no reason really and would like to try on PS3
I've never played Skyrim yet, but i go over to my friends house and i watch him play it, it looks really fun, and he told me if i get it he can help me :D
My teenage sons would love to have this to play :) It looks AWESOME (*)
do not own many ps3 games as son took them when moved out :@ would be great to own this :D
The graphics and character detail are awesome. Can't wait to play again..and again!
Im always getting bumped by the kids telling me its their game
Huh who paid for them?
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