Win! Crysis 3 Giveaway

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Crysis 3 Giveaway

Win 1 of 5 copies of Crysis 3 on PC!

Thanks to our friends at EA, we have five copies of Crysis 3 on PC to give away!

Each winner will receive a copy of the game on PC, and a Crysis 3 t-shirt.

Crysis 3 is best played as a PC game. We told you to play on PC in our preview -- so it must be true!


1. Register or sign-in to (if you haven't done so)

2. Answer the question below

3. AND post below telling us why your PC will or won't be able to handle Crysis 3

For an additional entry, 'Like' or 'Tweet' this page.

And that's it! You're in the running to win Crysis 3 on PC!

Giveaway closes on Thursday, February 21, at midday.

Crysis 3 will be released on February 21 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Only open to Australian residents aged 15 years and over.

More about Crysis 3

Crytek is back with Crysis 3, the first blockbuster shooter of 2013! Return to the fight as Prophet, the Nanosuit soldier on a quest to rediscover his humanity and exact brutal revenge. Adapt on the fly with the stealth and armour abilities of your unique Nanosuit as you battle through the seven wonders of New York’s Liberty Dome. Unleash the firepower of your all-new, high-tech bow and alien weaponry to hunt both human and alien enemies. And uncover the truth behind the death of your squad while re-establishing the power of human will in a rich story full of exciting twists and turns. Crysis 3 is the ultimate sandbox shooter, realised in the stunning visuals only Crytek and the latest version of CryENGINE can deliver.

Find more on the offical website.

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Win! Crysis 3 Giveaway Comments

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I'm going to Cry
My PC will handle it, I suppose. Its an i7 2600K based rig with a 6970
hope crysis 3 is good :D
I guess My PC can handle it AMD 1090t @4.1ghz, 12gb ram, 2 ATI 6990 4gb. It runs every other crysis game perfect
Intel i7 2600k, 8GB Corsair DDR3 1600mhz ram, AMD 6950 2GB Gfx card, 120GB SSD. There's no way my computer couldn't run this game!
Well, I recently got a beast of a new laptop, that has 16GB of RAM, and 4GB of graphics (one of the two cards inside being an AMD Radeon HD 7970M) while sporting a 1TB internal hard drive.

It'd be great to experience the full potential of my new machine by playing such a great (and most likely taxing - on most computers at least) game.
Windows Vista, 7 or 8
CPU Intel Core2 Duo E6600 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon x2 5200+
2 GB RAM for 7 & 8; (3 GB RAM for Vista)
12 GB of free space
NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 or AMD/ATi Radeon HD 5770

omg my computer is new and the tech guy told me it can handle all good things!
Lucky I just upgraded my pc... but I may need to put it right next to the air con so it doesn't blow up...
Because I got bullied into buying an expensive computer by corporate fat cats. Now it's time roll the dice on ULTRA CRYSIS 3 GRAPHICS! [Rage] [Rage]
Coolermaster Haf X Case
CoolerMaster V8 CPU Cooler
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3.2 GHz 6-Core CPU
8GB Ram

And I just bought myself an MSI GTX 660 Ti GPU to replace my Radeon HD 6950, so I should be good!
Maybe not for the absolute highest settings, but thereabouts.
My Asus G74 Republic of Gamers laptop will be able to handle it with the 3gb Graphics card, 16gb of Ram and i7 Quad-Core!
My computer can run some guy called P.C. Mark, so that's a maybe?
my pc wont be able to handle it because its held a grudge against me ever since i accidentally pulled out my usb without safety removal first.
1 of my pc's can handle it
overclocked i7, gtx 680, 1 120gb ssd and a 1tb black edditon hdd
my other pc might crash and burn
my PC can definatley handle it
My PC can handle it, just upgraded it the other week!
my computer will probably run it, but i think i might have to sit it next to a fan so i don't fry it though aha :)
My PC can handle Cysis 2 on ultra, so running Crysis 3 on the same setting shouldn't be a problem since my pc can handle the new requirements for crysis 3. Even though i do love a game with spectacular graphics, i'm more interested in the smooth gameplay. =D
Well my pc stomped the last 2.5 games (warhead didn't really count) so I would love to see how it goes on this one! Ok now onto my pc. It's all neatly packed inside a custom painted (by me. will provide pics) grey digital cammo Antec Nine hundred two is a sandy bridge i7 @3.4ghz, 8GB of 2200Mhz Ripjaws, Nvidia EVGA 660ti 2GB, intel 256GB SSD and a 2TBHDD. Peripherals include a Logitech g510 keyboard, Logitech 5.1 surround, steel series siberia v2 and a thermal take black element mouse on a steel series NP+.

Cheers, love kinky
Gigabyte GTX670 Nvidia
32 Gigs of Ram
Intel i7-3770k black edition 3.8 gzh 8core
all wrapped up in a Phantom NXTZ case
58 inch Samsung 3D TV series 9
7.1 Surround sound Dali speakers
My Pc won't be able to handle it because i still have a ge force 8400 graphics card and 2gb of ram but i'm getting a new one in a month
Hand built my pc over Christmas, it's built to run anything coming up this year. Crysis 3 and ARMA 3 are going to be some amazing games to run on this new pc. :)

i7-3770k 3.9 Ghz 8core
Radeon 7950 3GB
my computer would be able to handle it cause im for ever playing the first crysis and second crysis all the time on pc plus i would like to put my computer to the challenge and see just how good ur game is and see if my computer can kick its ass :D
Well my PC is actually a mac... but it's dual-booted with windows so I'm not totally lame, right?
Maybe if I won crysis 3 I'd make the switch to PC?

P.S Scott pilgrim references make me oh-so-happy.
My Pc can handle the game...
3.1ghz processor
8gb ram
1.5tb hdd
Recently installed a new graphics card which looks amazing so I'm ready.
i dont really know if if my pc will handle it i reckon it will ,im a mum trying to win for my son so ,hes got all the modern stuff ,so i guess so? :O
My new PC is a Budget PC, but I'm pretty sure it'll run... Lawl
my i5-3570k with Sapphire 7870 will run it pretty smoothly ;)
My laptop maybe able to handle the game
my computer won't be able to run crysis 3 as it can barely run cod black ops without lagging. But I will getting a new one soon :D
It'll probably crash at the first loading screen...
building a new PC 2 days after that on my birthday and it will definitely be able to run crysis 3
I have no idea, but it would be interesting all the same
My PC won't be able to handle Crysis 3 because I told it Crysis 3 was coming and it crashed like a schoolgirl.
My computer can handle Crysis 3. It's pretty good at problem resolution.
My pc can run crysis 3 .......

Crysis Approved :)
My PC won't be able to handle it, it can't even handle itself.
It has it's own Crysis to worry about :(

But I'm just gonna kick it and scream till it becomes it's own seven pieces and buy a new tower next month that'll make Crysis 3 run like a dream!
The naswer is: Chuck Norris [MOG]
Judging by the weather. My computer will be able to play it although it will sound like a jet engine
Hope I answered correctly. Good luck everyone.
mine wont handle this, it just looks too good
My pc can handle it because it's mine.
MSI 660 Ti should do the trick! Or I might need a second one....
My Pc is getting on so it might not be able to handle it, but I can!
My laptop is cheap and nasty. SO if you throw in a decent computer as well as the game I will crack this game.
I've had my laptop for 2 years now and it was built as a gaming rig. The funny thing is though i'm not a big PC gamer so all that unused power is just going to waste. I think Crysis 3 will put the hardware to the test. We're not talking max settings though lol
My PC could run it. 1 It runs the beta smoothly. 2 its a gaming PC and 3 I haven't got many PC games to work with my RADEON graphics card!! It makes me sad>.<
I've got a 7870 on the way. Moving up from a directx 9 card (gtx 285). So what better way to see directx 11 than by playing crysis?
I7 3770 / xfire hd7850 / 32gb ram / ssd/hdd
My PC is old so it won't be able to handle it but I guess I'll have to get a new one just so it can handle Crysis 3 Win! Crysis 3 Giveaway
my current PC wont be able to even boot it up without crashing haha the one im building slowly though will run it like its notepad :D
PC should be totally fine but can I handle the Crysis it will cause with everyone wanting to play it at once!
My laptop wont be able to handle crysis 3... just from THE SHEER AWESOMENESS OF THE ENTIRE GAME!!!!
Ill just run it on lowest settings and it will be sweet as (evil)
My pc is so old that the hamsters still run wound the wheel to start it up and keep it powered!
laptop. hamsters are old and overweight. :'@
My computer and I are very alike, we can both handle just about anything "thrown" at us with poise and ease!!
I have a pretty good pc so I am sure it will run crysis 3. But if it cannot I will upgrade asap.
My PC will handle it as the lead designer of Crysis 3 is my ex-boyfriend and I still have his computer!
Built my PC last year for games like this! Can it run Crysis? YES

Intel i3770k
8GB (soon to be 16GB)
GTX 670
h100 radiator to keep it cool
oh and 3x 24" monitors

Time to really test it out

Madrid said: Built my PC last year for games like this! Can it run Crysis? YES
Intel i3770k
8GB (soon to be 16GB)
GTX 670
h100 radiator to keep it cool
oh and 3x 24" monitors
Time to really test it out

nice :)
my pc can handle anything you feed him
My computer... does not have a snowflakes hope in hell of handling this game.

But HIS computer...
He got the best set up possible for "work", so it can handle just about anything that gets given to it.
It's the wives Mac, even if it could, I wouldn't be able to commandeer it :'@
Intel I5 3570K
ASRock Z77 Extreme6
RipjawsX 8gb Ram
Gigabyte Radeon 7970 3gb Ultra Durable
Corsair H100i
NZXT Phantom 410 Gunmetal LE Case
My PC is an HP computer from 2001 with an 8 gig hard drive with windows 98 and a very shocking graphics card...Its going on the laptop!
Of course my computer will be able to handle Crysis 3. It can handle Bejewelled.
My PC won't be able to handle Crysis 3 because 1) I have a laptop, 2) No PC will be able to handle the epicness of Crysis 3.
it should be sweet my computer should be able to handle it
2 580's in SLI, should be a piece of piss

If my PC can handle being a playground for my kitten then Im pretty sure it will be fine for Crysis 3!
My laptop won't, but my new desktop certainly will :)
my computer won't but i will buy a new one for this :)
My PC can handle ANYTHING!
My PC is addicted to trilogies so whatever it's limitations, it'll happily overcome them to play Crysis 3
Pretty sure my PC will need some manner of solidstate/nanosuit overhaul, including AT LEAST 8 wonders, to be able to handle Crysis 3 - but if inventing fictional tech is what is required, then that's what I'll do.
My PC will definitely be able to handle it, with Intel Core i7-3960X and NVIDIA GTX 690. It will be amazing to be able to play this.
PC can handle it!
8 gig ram, intel core I5 chipset @ 2.80ghz/3.00ghz

beside requiring more cooling I don't see my computer having an issue... just need to put it next to the aircon ;/

My computer won't be able to handle it because it's so outdated
My PC will handle it, because I will sacrifice ANY amount of quality just to be able to play it!
My current PC wont handle it but the one Im saving for will
Mine won't handle it - but my son in law's will :)
Mine better handle it! My brother house-sat and I came home to a completely overhauled computer that can play all the latest games because apparently my old one wasn't good enough - of course it was missing all the things I needed on it!!
theres only one way to find out !!!let the games begin :P
I KNOW mine will handle it:
MB Name:Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
BIOS Version :GA-990FXA-D3 F8
CPU Name :AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight-Core Processor
Memory information :Total physical memory 16365 MB
OS information :Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit version
CD version information :AMD 9-Series Utility DVD 1.4 B12.0531.1
Gforce GTX 660Ti SLI configuration
Into 22in Hp Touch screen monitors
Fully networked
Razer DeathAdder 3500 dpi 3.5G infrared sensor Gaming Mouse
Logitech Home Theatre Speaker System
My PC wont be able to handle the trills and excitement of this over the top awesome game it may blow smoke
My computer will defiantly run it, and you wanna know why? [MOG] I will pray, beg, cry to god non stop until it works. I willl use all the magic and mystery there is in the world to make it work. I will pull out every resource i have to play it. My computer WILL run it, it WILL run it or hel will freeze over tomorrow. If at first it doesn't work i will try again, and again and again until it does. If i need a new graphics card i will buy 3. If i need a new cooler i will buy 4 and if i need a new computer iwill buy 5!! I WILL RUN IT! [Rage]
My pc computer can handle because it is one of the greatest computer ever made on this planit earth :D p.s crysis is the best game ever invented
My computer will handle it! It's already taken on 3 trojan's! I don't think another 'crysis' will worry it too much.
Mine wouldn't. But I'm confident my brother's would so looks like I'll be spending some 'quality' time with him soon!
My computer would strain to handle it but if I won it will be just the excuse to replace it.
Sure it can - even though it's older than I am!
I only uprgraded myne the other month, so it will JUST run this game!
My crappy GTX550Ti won't be able to handle this masterpiece. I think Crysis 3 have most realistic graphics, looks like this game was touched by the hand of God :D
PC can handle it... but can I?
Best be upgrading the Commodore 64 just for this game :)
My PC is mad of course it will handle it (evil) (evil)
I will get @Guyver to modify my PC to handle Crysis3 [MOG]
I whispered 'crysis 3' to my computer and its windows went foggy, the hard drives went in reverse and all the trogens galloped away... But what do you expect it is a PC (Puckin' Chicken!!)
With it's cold, black steel frame... Processing power oozing all over the carpet, and enough video cards to incubate 47 unhatched chickens, I shall merely slide all graphic settings to Ultra and smirk as my computer handles Crysis as if it were Space Cadet Pinball 3D.
It just handled my latest romantic crisis... if it can handle watching me sob into a litre of ice cream (AGAIN!), then it can handle Crysis 3.
Man....PC >(
My PC can definately handle it :D It was built to.
'cause it doesn't have any hands !
cause my mum usually uses it
We spent an uber fortune on a gaming pc - this wicked beast can conquer any game :D
If I told you i'd have to kill you
My gaming rig is a sunbeam :/
I just built a new PC with 8 Gig of RAM, all it needs to complete it is Crysis on my hard drive
I could manage 'The Beiber's' email list from the beast within this pc case!!
I think he's got a few followers around the traps ;O
Anywayz... The fact that some unfortunate peeps I know might be on that list, then I think it's time to declare 'CRYSIS!'
My trusty pc and it's 7 wonders will cope with this and be screaming for crysis 10 when it comes out :D
My brand new PC I built can handle it, i5 3570k, GTX 670 4Gb and 8GB of System RAM ;)
Because i've locked it in a cupboard for mishandling the last new game I bought
it's not used to such awesomeness!
Because it's suffering from extreme depression at the launch of the PS4 this morning thinking its gaming days are numbered
I won't let it - No one touches my games until I finish them, not even my beloved PC
My PC can handle it - I've been feeding it peptide hormones and it has doubled in size!
My PC can handle it but will I?
My PC can handle it.
Because I am Bootcamp on my Mac. Its gonna slow like a turtle when Crysis 3 gets uploaded on it.
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