Sound Blaster Headsets Giveaway

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Win 1 of 5 Creative gaming headsets!

Thanks to our friends at Creative, we have five Sound Blaster gaming headsets to give away!

  • One (1x) lucky winner will receive a Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega wireless headset (worth $279.95)

  • Four (4x) runners up will take home a Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage USB headset ($99.95)


1. Register or sign-in to (if you haven't done so)

2. Answer the question below

3. AND comment below telling us: which game most needs a quality headset to be fully enjoyed?

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And that's it! You're in the running to win a Sound Blaster gaming headset!

Giveaway closes on Sunday, April 21.

More about the Sound Blaster headsets

The Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega and Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage are both available now at EB Games and JB Hi-Fi.

Recon3D Omega

Powered by the revolutionary Sound Core3D quad-core audio and voice chipset, the Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega Wireless audio system heralds the beginning of a new era in gaming audio as it packs amazing audio processing power previously available only in internal PC audio card solutions into a stylish and powerful wireless gaming audio system for your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC or Mac.

Tactic3D Rage

You’re a serious gamer. You’re serious about your sound. The Rage is full on packed with decades of legendary Sound Blaster audio expertise. SBX Pro Studio audio technologies grant you the power to fully customize every audio aspect. SBX Surround positions audio in a 360 degree sound stage that’s much more realistic than standard 7.1 solutions. Massively powerful 50mm FullSpectrum speakers are meticulously tuned with SBX Pro Studio to produce the most accurate 3D acoustic environment available for your PC or Mac.

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Sound Blaster Headsets Giveaway Comments

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^_^ nice comp

Bastion (love) Oh so lovely.
Mario Kart 64.

But Far Cry 3 would also suffice.

I was thinking more like Dark Souls, that game could not be more fantastic.
I don't have a headset or a decent sound system, so ALL of my games would benefit HUGELY from a headset like either of those! Sound Blaster Headsets Giveaway
every game I own atm, I have a 1 year old and my wife hates computer games, so anything would be great so that i'm able to actually hear my games without disturbing the rest of the family.

SwToR, Hitman and other games :)
a gears of war wireless headset would be nice, with the logo and all the blood, it would be awesome!
a game like amnesia would benefit from these fine headphones

this soundblaster as in the old audio cards?
battlefield 3 :)
League of Legends would be amazing with it.

A new gaming headset will give me a new hope to live on in this world lawl
My kids would love me death if I won because i'm always telling them to turn the guns down! :P
Asscreed Multiplayer. Gotta get them sound queue to play like a pro. Whispers and heartbeats.
Arma II with the DayZ Mod... Oh joy oh joy! You'd be able to hear an infected fly zombie from a mile away :D
I think the game that will suit the headset would be Call of duty! I don't have a headset and me and my brother love this game! We would really really like this headset [Derp]
Black light retribution
oh the joy <3
It depends on what type of game you like, for me i would need one for recording on minecraft but the best game to use it with would be Battlefield 3
Battlefield 3 it would be so good to hear people sneaking up on me.And it would awesome to hear my team properly [Rage]
every game i play
I play BF3 and Assassins Creed Multiplayer and both require an awesome headset with NO LEADS. I currently own NO headset and a sole parent, my needs always come last so none for me soon :-(
Any shooter game, plus i don't have a gaming headset. :)
E.T. The Extraterrestrial on the Atari 2600 is the perfect game to wear headsets with, nothing is more exciting than the 8bit sound of E.T. picking up phone parts

(but seriously, headsets would be great with games like Far Cry 3, BioShock 1/2, and would be amazing for the next horror game coming Outlast :D )
battlefield 3 so i can hear the enemy properly
Journey. For one of the most beautiful gaming soundtracks of all time, you've got to have the best headset!!
Battlefield 3. Would be awesome. Never used wireless headsets before would love a pair to try out :D
I would have to say every game i play needs a quality headset to get the real experience! And im sure these would do it!!! <3
I reckon League of legends or Halo need a good quality sound system, it's make the game more enjoying and easier to play, such as hearing footsteps and getting that satisfying coin ding when you get the last hit on a minion.
Battlefield 3 or any other FPS. Having a good headset and sound quality helps to spot the enemy and can give you the upper hand
Assassins Creed
All multiplayer games I play. Having a decent headset would definitely increase the enjoyment factor having clearer and better sound, including voice chat.
i think any video game would benefit from it, but if I had to choose, I would definitely say Far Cry 3
Elder Scrolls games in general. I like to immerse myself into the game world.
Hmm i would say counter strike for sure ahaha
Geez could do with new headset - my old one is flaking away quite rapidly
ANY game that requires you to hear absolutely EVERY BIT OF DETAIL.
If you're an FPS player, you'll know what I mean.
Playing Counter-Strike growing up, I only ever learnt how valuable it was to play with precise audio when Source came out!
Not only does it enhance the overall experience and make you feel more like you're "in-the-zone", it also helps you get those kills and can even save your life!
I believe that black ops 2 should have an awesome headset, so you can hear the enemies footsteps when you play. It would enhance the gaming and would make playing it a lot more enjoyable :D. I don't think there would be anything better than dedicating an amazing headset to one of the biggest gaming franchises in history :D. Thank you :)
battlefield 3 and also battlefield 4 when it comes out!
Guild wars 2, the music in that game, and the voice acting is first class
Any of the Arma series
Being able to hear the crack of a weapon being fired or the sound of an approaching vehicle can mean the difference between finishing the mission or starting over - There are no saves!
I was thinking Minecraft cause you have your ambient sounds and that peaceful music.

Also helps for listening for creepers that are sneaky


I am assuming that the question we answered affects the prize we get if we might win
I would have to say that it would be games like amnesia and skyrim games that really rely on sound for immersion
It's really hard to say. First person shooters go great with that little boost in the headphones, but any headsets can give you heavy shooting sounds.

A game, while not fully accessible to headsets, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, would be my first choice for a sweet headset.
The game's soundtrack us spectacularly ambient; a sweet nostalgic one at that. To hear all that through such an amazing headset, would truly be astounding, an experience to never forget.
This is why The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is my choice.
No preference really. Either a wireless one or a wired one will do for my gaming needs. Though i may also use it in public or other places mainly for my music or games like RPG's OR FPS. Though other than that good luck all.
Any FPS cause its always nice when you can hear the bastard sneaking up behind you for "an easy knife kill" only to be surprised by being shot in the head instead then proceeding to yell at you in the lobby calling you a hacker.. I need good quality sound to hear every stupid insult lol
I agree with coconut1z. Definately Minecraft! the sound would be awesome. ;)
Hotline Miami *_*
i just finished bioshock on a $20 pair of earbuds, and it still sounded beutiful, just imagine the leap in quality from those to a Sound Blaster headset *_*
Journey's game sound was simply exquisite.
I play games to escape from life and from the getgo in Journey, the sound just lifts you up and takes you to this beautiful place.
I've played a lot of games in my life, but Journey's sound score is just amazing. Nothing can compare to the surreal work of Austin Wintory.
Mass Effect for me -- I bought the soundtrack from iTunes before I'd even tried the game. Guess I'm a sucker for dramatic background music (great for coding!).
I would say Battlefield 3 as it is a very intense game and you need to hear ever impact of the game
Slender and it's damn creepy sounds.... :O
Dead Island has an amazing soundtrack, great ambience, a heap of zombies to hear from the other side of a building and the beautiful sound of the blood gushing out when I cut a zombies head off with a katana. What more would you need to hear?
I think that Battlefield 3 probably needs a good headset. Then you can play more tactically with friends or even just other players and it's easier to locate any action on the maps.
League of Legends would be even more awesome with one of these headsets! MMGN keep up the good work with these awesome competitions!
Bioshock, and also atm i'm emulating wind waker and that has a beast soundtrack
Anything with a beautiful sound track. For me, I enjoyed Braids soundtrack. Also, Limbo with it's creepy atmosphere.
Umm.. I reckon Amnesia, Slender, and a whole lot of other games would be awesome with headphones. It'd be nice to get scared by a game that's meant to make people scared ^_^

Also, I remember the days when Minecraft was scary, and was kinda thinking that maybe a pair of good headphones would bring back a little bit of Minecraft's scare :P Anyways, definitely the horror games, which I am close-to-obsessed with - they'd sound absolutely amazing with decent headphones ;)
Every game is better with a better headset. My game of choice would be Battlefield 3 as you can hear the jets and gun fire flying over your head and the roar of your engine as you start up a jeep or tank as you roll into battle or the bolt of your sniper and the bullet cracks out of your barrel. It makes it easier to immerse yourself into the game and living every moment as if you're really there.
Team Fortress 2 - team play is essential and made so much easier and more efficient with a good headset. Plus, that PING sound when you hit someone sounds that much more satisfying in high quality audio right in your ear
I believe that 'The Sims 3' will benefit from these awesome looking headphones definitely. I can just imagine wearing them while listening to the soft and calm screams of my Sims as they are set alight from cooking on that cheap stove. And it would definitely give more realism and depth when the social worker comes for my children.

You can't get that quality anywhere else! ^_^
Alot of people would say things like CoD, or Halo or one of those fast-paced shooters. Honestly I think Skyrim would be good fun with a quality headset.
Every game i play
Battlefield 3 [MOG]
Tomb Raider (2013) - not only is the game quite literally one of THE best games I have EVER bought, but the soundtrack is spectacular...

In fact, I liked the soundtrack so much, I even went and bought it from the Square Enix Web site!

Oh and if it's any help to my chances, I currently use a cheap ($14.95?) headset from Woolworths... ;)
I think Deus Ex Human revolution would be a great game for a gaming headset. That is my main suggestion. These are my other suggestions

-Dead Island
-Crysis 2
And Bioshock Infinite
i think bioshock infinite
Skyrim for those epic dragon battles
Any ARMA game would need a good headset. You need to know where enemy fire is coming from,listen to enemy footsteps,listen to vehicle engines and the list goes on. So in my opinion any ARMA game would be well enjoyed with a good headset. Also makes the game give a more realistic feel and experience. :D
something like mass effect with its beautiful noises of space ships and jazz like that
crysis 3 as you need to hear things ,like when people are hunting you can hear twigs snapping etc.....awesome headsets ,great comp ,cheers :)
Crysis 3 multiplayer when you are being hunted, or when you are the hunter :)
Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 (when it comes out) would need a quality headset since during the battle being able to hear the details of the weapons firing from long distances or short can give you and enough information to tell you where you could go to take advantage of the situation
bioshock infinite :D
Any and almost every game would be awesome, Gears of War, Bioshock, Battlefield, Fallout, Skyrimso many to choose from!!!!!
games what else (*) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Any of the Bioshock titles would be great with headphones
I would say anything team based so you communicate with your team mates.
Far Cry 3 is the best to feel atmosphere!

Zeonith45 said: I think Deus Ex Human revolution would be a great game for a gaming headset.

Oh yeah! That would be awesome! And thanks for the reminder that I've got it installed (on a work laptop, shhh)! Evening sorted.
Skyrim would be great so that you could hear the small noises that you couldn't originally hear as well as the enemy sneaking up on you so that you have the upperhand :D
well i am thinking Battlefield 3 and Far cry 3 cause you can't enjoy a game with out a awesome sound system to go with it :)
Battlefield needs good sound quality to hear those footsteps stalking up on you and get the whole feel of actually being in a jet or in a proper war zone. The sound is incredibly important to get the ambiance and feel the atmosphere of the War your fighting.
But nothing beats horror games in the importance of sound you need to hear every scary noise. You need to feel as though your in the actual game and to do that you need a proper sound headset that can have the volume and bass at just the right level.
Ambiance is incredibly important and thats why these types of headsets are incredibly important to gaming it dosnt matter which game just gaming in general.
The soundtrack is just amazing.
I can't get the full experience out of it without really expensive speakers.
Battlefield 3 and Dota 2. Battlefield because of the beauty it holds and Dota 2 for the amazement and joy it brings when me and my friends play it

CybaCowboy said: Tomb Raider (2013) - not only is the game quite literally one of THE best games I have EVER bought, but the soundtrack is spectacular...
In fact, I liked the soundtrack so much, I even went and bought it from the Square Enix Web site!
Oh and if it's any help to my chances, I currently use a cheap ($14.95?) headset from Woolworths...

I need to buy this soundtrack!!!!
To fully enjoy slender and other scary games e.g. Dead Space, you need awesome sound to really get you into the atmosphere and mood of the creepy/scary game !! :)
World of Warcraft
How can you pick a single game, this headset would enhance every game in my entire library
Bioshock Infinite (*) totally needs an A-W-E-S-O-M-E Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega wireless headset [Derp]
Portal 1 and 2. The full immersion was something you just had to have. (And the voice of G.L.A.D.O.S in 7.1 surround-sound is even more terrifying.) [WTF]
Call of Duty requires an epic headset!
Stealth! I love stealth! I've been playing Far Cry 3 and being able to hear all the sounds arround me would be really great! The animals, the enemies, etc...
Thanks for the opportunity! Cheers! ;)
Battlefield 3, absolutely! Just hearing gunshots from the directions they came in and a sniper bullet just flying past your left ear, or a jet flying above you. Surround sound makes all that exhilarating!
All good games deserve a good sound and specaly FPS games but also horror games :)
Far cry 3, being able to hear everything from far away is awesome
the upcoming Battlefield 4. i want to be able to fully enjoy and live the sounds with a great Sound Blaster gaming headsets. of course until then i`ll enjoy listening to the great sounds in Call of Duty, Medal of Honor and Battlefield 3. if you are asking about a present title that i play: BF3.
Can't play Tetris without a good headset.
Oh, and maybe the Bioshock series would sound hot too.
The dead space series... without a good headset you can't piss yourself hearing the freaky screeches! :O
Definately the best game ever, battle field 3 to reach the full potential of the game online and campaign
All games are better with a quality headset IMO but I really enjoyed Syndicate and Skyrim so much more with my headphones on. Not that they are quality ones lol, but I can imagine using something like these would only make it even better and with BF4 coming, imma need the best I can get :)
crisis 3 goo but with these, even better [MOG]
Any fps (battlefield or call of duty) because you can hear the footsteps of the enemy
Tomb Raider 2013
Definitely Far Cry 3 best game this year, most needs a quality headset to be fully enjoyed: Sound Blaster gaming headsets. Engineered to exceed expectations.
Counter Strike ofcourse, you hear your enemy coming, you win, you wear best headset, always win, :)
Call of duty
Any game with a compelling story to it would be worth having a surround sound headset, For example Red Dead Redemption. Just surrounding yourself with the sounds of the game with no distractions would improve any game GREATLY.
Bioshock Infinite
Battlefield 3 or Bastion :)
Halo or Call of Duty
Counter Strike, being able to hear peoples footsteps would be great.
It has to be TF2.
Asscreed Multiplayer. Hearing every explosion is cool but the wireless head phone to hear a twig snap,a heartbeat,a bullet whizz past,whispers around the corner.Legend
i think that any game really but mostly like FPS or Third person games because with the headsets you can hear which direction the footsteps or explosion or whatever is coming from also the speech is realistic in direction instead of just hearing footsteps an not just footsteps also it makes you feel like your insid the game yes everyone says it but it really makes the gaming experience more realistic and helps you unsderstand more and make you fell what would you do in this situation depending on where the (whatever) is coming from. The games in particular are like the classics Cod, Battlefield, GoW, Assasins creed but also not known games like Tomb Raider, LOTR conquest and Maybe Racing games but almost every game need a quality headset to enjoy the game fully from Mariokart to Call of Duty to saints row and last horrors like Left For Dead ect. for the effect it gives only hearing that and not other noises outide the games makes sacres and jumps more thriling for the player if i had to pick 1 game Call Of Duty because thats my passion. well that my opinion hope it speaks to all gamers :)
Dirt 3 would sound wicked through these headsets!
Arkham games, Tomb Raider, Racing games, (Forza, NFS)

Is this guy who has made about 50 accounts to enter eligible for each entry
Battlefield 3 or Call Of Duty.
The 7.1 virtual surround sound is basically made for shooters.
I find almost any FPS is better with a headset, you can hear people behind you and mics are useful.

Mitchel said: Battlefield 3 or Call Of Duty.
The 7.1 virtual surround sound is basically made for shooters.

That's like saying actual surround sound is made for shooters aswell
Counter-Strike Source.

chucky110 said:

Mitchel said: Battlefield 3 or Call Of Duty.
The 7.1 virtual surround sound is basically made for shooters.

That's like saying actual surround sound is made for shooters aswell

*bomb defused*

Keep it out of the comp. comments guys (love)
Battlefield 3
Grand Theft Auto! The hilarious jokes and fake radio commercials must not be missed due to poor audio! They're the best bit (apart from when you get to steal and recklessly drive cars!) :)
torchlight 2 it would help me greatly
Dead Island at the moment is what my man has been playing and damn some of those zoms are loud. It'd be great for me a lil bit of quiet whilst he deadens his ears :D
Great Comp!
Definitely Guitar Hero!!!!
definitely Portal 2
Obvious answer; BATTLEFIELD 3 ^_^
and in preperation for BF4
L4D2 or any game with a key focus on team work, it's also good for the luls.
Gears of War, nothing like turning around a gasped out locust only to shotgun it in the face Sound Blaster Headsets Giveaway
Battlefield 3!
Anything horror or survival horror-based. Turn out the lights, chuck on a pair of headphones so you can't hear any outside interference... guaranteed poopage.
Any first person game that has surround sound built in. CS would have to be my pick though because if you dont hear footsteps you lose, simple as that!
Battlefield 3. Sounds in the game are just awesome.
FPS like call of duty & MMO like world of warcraft
Assassins Creed. I think it will be memorable.
any game i play needs headphones since i got kids and play at evenings and night :)
every game and BF3 for sure [Derp]
Battlefield 3 would be awesome :)
FPS shooters in general, use to play Counter-Strike religiously, couldn't imagine playing it without having decent headphones, listening to footsteps, grenades going off etc.
Battlefield 3 definitely deserves full immersion. The sounds really make that game feel real.
Far cry 3. BF3 and last but not least I need these so I can keep watching the BF4 Trailer!
Call of Duty Black Ops 2, especially in Zombies mode. TEAMWORK is essential [Rage] [Rage] [Rage] [Rage]
Resident Evil Remake
call of duty
battlefield and also call of duty [Derp]
Journey, wouldn't want any of that awesome music to go to waste
Heavy Rain, so you can truly be immersed in the wonderful gameplay. *_*
I think bioshock Infinite.
Battlefield 3. With so many things happening all around you at the same time it's important to hear it everything, especially all of the subtle sounds that may indicate a grenade or enemy close by.
My son has claimed my turtle beach headphone so a new pair would be sweet [Derp]
COD, Halo, BF3, MOH, GoW etc...
Any team based shooter NEEDS a good headset!
1. For improved situational awareness
2. To turn it up without the wife cracking it late at night
3. To be able to respond to allegations regarding "your mum"
The fallout series, (mostly 3 and New Vegas) it gets spooky
Crysis 3 and LoL :)
not a single game but all fps games
World of Warcraft of course :)
Probably some game to do with Stealth.
Like Metal gear solid, Assassins Creed, Hitman, Tenchu and others..
I've never owned a headset and I feel with the games that I play that I definitely need a Headset.. My girlfriend would stop pestering me to turn the sound down haha :D
A game like Crysis 2, with loud explosions and gunfire. The extra bass would really make it sound much better. =D
Would be great for WoW *_*
rayman raving rabbids would be alsome with wireless headphones
Anything where hearing footsteps behind you could save your life!
No questions: Black Ops 2, if you can`t hear it, you can`t feel it.
Call of Duty Back Ops definately
Assassins creed (all of them)
In Halo because then you can hear the opponent who has a shotgun in next room reloading and you know not to go in there
Halo 4 thanks. Better quality sound means better gaming.
fps like call of duty,battle field,medal of honour
world of warcraft
COUNTERSTRIKE needs a quality headset to be fully enjoyed
Call of Duty Back Ops
WWII Online Battleground Europe. Being able to hear and identify enemy forces with a quality headset is a must!
All fps games
Battlefield,Far cry,call of duty
Wouldn't mind the red one's. They look mighty preeeeeetay!!! [Derp]
Would probably use them for Bioshock infinite ^_^
Battlefield 3 and battlefield 4 when they release it.

Battlefield 3!
WOW - for the headphones, and props for the game too!!!
Multiplayer games, so you can communicate with you're allies!
Black light retribution looks cool
call of duty game most needs a quality headset to be fully enjoyed
obviously all fps games need that. :)
If you just want to play CS and other FPS shooters then you must needs a quality headset a good buy.
Multiplayer/fps games need them.
Call of duty needs a pair of these so you can trash talk all the little kids that shouldnt be playing the game
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 so you can talk to your team members and shoot some noobs! ;) :P
World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft
Most games would sound brilliant with these headsets on. (*)
Grand Theft Auto, especially since most multiplayer sessions are turning to roleplay, and with roleplay, you need to talk. [Derp]
I reckon 'The Last of Us' will be awesome with a quality set of headphones!
I think Amnesia works well with headphones giving you clear sounds and direction.
Far Cry 3
Last of Us will be great with those 'phones but a stealth-em-up like Hitman:Absolution bleeds for excellent surround sound for those takedowns.
GRAND THEFT AUTO so mum won't hear all the swearing. Shhh! ;)
All games as it's great to feel like your in the game with your headphones on and block out the family yelling in the background.
All racing and fps game like need for speed and call of duty etc
all games, even if it's just to block out the real world around you
Every single game I own. You know why? Because otherwise all I can hear are the kids screaming outside -_-
Any survival-horror genre game really benefits from headsets. They close you off from outside distractions and draw you into the atmosphere. Games like Dead Space, or even the re-release of Doom 3 are the best as headsets really let you embrace the horror.
Mass Effect
Any FPS, as I need to hear the footsteps of the enemy approaching from behind.
StarCraft :)
Dead space, the atmosphere is awesome
The new Double Fine Adventure game, Broken Age. The music for it sounds amazing.
skyrim with the full effect of hearing your fireball fizzle up the bad guys and their screams wailing across the mountains
COD to make the action seem even realer and even more thrilling
grandchildren tell me all the games are 100% better with headsets it makes the games all the more real.
call of duty black ops that game needs all the best :P
by far, call of duty black ops
For me its Dead Space...i could crap myself all over again wearing this headset
Call of Duty... Sounds Good!
World Of Warcraft - need to hear my team while raiding :)
Anything that my kids are playing. So I don't have to hear it as well!
All of the call of duty games because I don't have a headset and low quality sound =D
DEFINETLY A HORROR GAME. Id have to say DOOM 3 or Deadspace 3 =) these would help me achieve the goal of pure horror =)
I would easily have to be Dead Space 2 for me!
COD, always want the noise of COD!
Battlefield!!! So I can hear what the morons I'm playing with and against are saying!!!
All of them! If he's wearing a headset, he'll have an excuse to be ignoring me!!
COD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D
COD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D
Guitar Hero - I'd be off my 'Ocker' listening to the great sounds coming through my new headphones!
All great games deserve great sound so all great games :D
Bubble Bobble! Each time those bubbles pop it would sound like an explosion!
Fallout 3 - those darn Deathclaws seem to sneak up on me all the time - I'd love to hear them coming first then BAM... yeh I'll still be dead...
World of Warcraft
My fella, would love one of these *fingers crossed* :)
Oh and he plays some tanks game so would so benefit from one of these awesome sets - Thanks :) :)
Gotta go with Call of Duty. :)
Uncharted 2 for me
call of duty
F.3.A.R. especially during the dream sequences!
COD - The louder it is, the more you feel as if you are right there in the action.
BioShock Infinite.
There are so many sounds and chords that you miss without headphones!
Call of Duty black ops
all of them would benefit both my son and I so he can no longer hear me nagging and I can no longer hear him begging me to buy him a headset
All games need a quality headset to be enjoyed. Trick question
Bioshock infinate so i can be fully immersed!
battlefield 3 definitely
Far Cry 3 for sure
I would benefit most from a headset in Black Ops 2 - The ability to hear the direction the enemy is coming from (especially if they're in the process of reloading) would give me a huge jump on them.
Assassins Creed Multiplayer ;)
XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the bone-chilling piano and the screams of the aliens make it creepy as. D:

Also, Amnesia descent, there's no way I'm playing that with this! XD
battlefield 3
Must be a trick question! All would! But if you insist, Battlefield 3
Borderlands to hear quotes coming from CL4P-TP and baddies wanting to rip skin off my face....oh and baddies muttering under their breath
Thanks for running the giveaway :) Would looooooooov a set of these rippers for blasting aliens off my pc screen :)
Battlefield 3 [MOG]
nba 2k, so u can talk the trash like the stars
I would benefit greatly using these playing FarCry3 as my wife keeps telling me to turn it down! :'@
If I win this it would be perfect timing, my headphones have stopped working in the left ear - something to do with the wiring.
assassin creed 3 :) :O :P :( -_- :D :*O ;) :'( :'@ *_* :@ =) ^_^ =_= [WTF] [Derp] [Facepalm] [Shifty] :S =D [yawn] X_X @_@ ;O [sick] [MOG] (love) [heartbreak] [monkey] (evil) (*)
@_@ ;O [Rage] =D [Shifty]
GTA series
n rad help plz
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