PlayStation Plus Giveaway

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PlayStation Plus Giveaway

Win three months of PlayStation Plus!

Thanks to our friends at Sony, we have 8 x 90 day subscriptions to PlayStation to give away!

If you already have PlayStation Plus, it will extend your membership by an additional three months.


1. Register or sign-in to (if you haven't done so)

2. In the comments section below, tell us in one sentence: what do you think of PlayStation Plus?

2b. It can be positive, negative or neutral, we just want to hear what you think! Winners will be selected at random from eligible posts.

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And that's it! You're in the running to win three months of PlayStation Plus!

Giveaway closes on Monday, April 15, at 11pm.

April on PlayStation Plus

Sony has confirmed the April line-up for PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) subscribers with favourites such as Okami HD, Lord of the Ring: War in the North and The Cave being introduced. On top of this, SCE Aust. will also be offering newcomers 90 extra days free with the purchase of a one year subscription to the service. Fans that already have a current PS Plus membership can still take advantage of this deal and extend their membership by stacking on top of their current membership.

Grab your celestial brush and take on the role of Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu in Okami HD where you’ll use her magic to restore the world to its previous glory and defeat the destructive demon. Or test out the strengths of Farin, Andriel or Eradan as you battle through the iconic Middle-earth universe in Lord of the Rings: War in the North. If you’re still hungry for adventure, descend into the ancient and mysterious depths of The Cave and embark on an epic journey to discover where the most desired treasures can be found. All three titles will be available to play from 4th April onwards.

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PlayStation Plus Giveaway Comments

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PS+ is great for giving you access to things that you mightn't otherwise be willing to pay for.
Lacking Winga26 as a member.
I like the cloud storage feature they have on it, great for people who want save data preserved.
I like that playstation plus, not only gives you the chance to try out new games movies and dlc ,you get discounts on things, not to mention the huge fact you dont need to ps3. :P
I love PS Plus because it lets me play some great games that I may have missed.
'tis a superb service
It's a good service and gives you the chance to play games that you may have overlooked earlier.
So much Fun!!! [yawn]
Nothing short of brilliant, best creation!
its good and free games, love it!
Haven't felt the need to give it a shot yet.
I think it is defiantly a positive, free/discount games and other goodies yet if you don't want those you still have full access to online gaming :)
I am interested in PS+ because it will get me way more into my vita with the new games!
I love the countless opportunities Playstation Plus offers its' customers with all the free items, and discounts. :D
Free games and themes each month, beta access and great discounts. What's not to like?
Playstation Plus looks like an interesting services i have never tried it so i dont know what to expect from a subscription
I've never tried it but i like the idea that you get games cheaper and you get the minis for free
It's actually really handy, for Automatic Updating and Cloud Saves, and the free games are usually pretty good! :)
We've never tried it - but I'm sure my son would love to have a go and give you a review ;)
Looks like pretty good value for money if the games on offer happen to be ones that you like and haven't already played.
I just hope they never make us pay to play the games online.
I like PlayStation plus because it comes with very cool games you can play full version on the PlayStation 3
Immediately after buying a sub you already have access to download free (and amazing) games with a value FAR in excess of what you payed for PS Plus.
As devoted to Sony as I am, Playstation Plus would be ideal as it would supply my Playstation 3 account with greater privileges.
P.S: I am looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 1.5 REMIX.
It gives you a chance to try out new games and some very good discounts, I would love a chance to get Playstation Plus. :D
I like Playstation plus because it allows people to play games that they might not of heard of or have been overlooked!
I think its one of the best paid premium services on the market! Reasonable Price and it offers you so much in return!
Playstation Plus is great because it gives you the opportunity to play games that you might never have thought to try out.
For the first few months, I pretty much only really respected it for the cloud storage, but this year they're actually releasing a lot of cool games for 'free' and it's especially great for Vita owners.
Playstation plus is great, free games, discounts and more :)
Love the online save feature for game saves
I like PS+ for it's monthly free games.
let's put it this way, it would SUCK if it were Playstation Minus
Its a good way to expand your play to genres that aren't always your normal.
Gaming 24/7 on steroids.
Anything that gives you more range and ability of use is perfect for our household, we love the idea!!
i like cloud saves and free or cheap indies i wouldnt have otherwise considered... it'd be nice if any available updates were included in the download but i guess thats a psn thing.
No idea, I'v never owned a PS+ account and wouldnt mind having it for the expirience,
Thanks GAIIZZzz
I love PS+ because it keeps the kids busy on rainy days
Ps+ is fantastic simply worth the money for for the paid services. :)
Ps+ is a great way to test new release demo's and also to have access to classic games on boring nights when you need something to play.
cloud storage is the most important feature but instant access to 14 full games is easily worth the $10 a month!
Fantastic :)
I dont know what to think of it, I have never had it :(
Id love to use Ps+ again, i think its better value than Live
This is the ultimate PS, it will over run ever PS that has ever been, and always will be.
Playstation+ makes me more addicted to the platform - I can't stop downloading free stuff!
Playstation Plus is a interesting way to experience content that you would otherwise not tried
PS+ is a great for discounts on games :D
play station plus is the best thing since sliced bread
play station plus is the one thing you need for all your everyday activities
PS+ gives me a kick ass selection of games at an incredible discount. And if there's one thing I like more than gaming, it's not having to pay full price for games.
HHmm, I would like to get some free stuff.
Its Exciting and Fun , Cause its New, I would Love to Own it
Playstation plus is my chance to finally win a give away!
Its missing Chuck Norris [MOG]
PlayStation Plus is awesome! it lets me and my mates play more and pay less with great discounts, exclusive access, automatic updates and much more.
Incredible: PS+ gives you amazing games for free, discounts and is one the most greatest things I've ever encountered. Opportunities like PS+ are hard to come by.
PlayStation Plus - I'm afraid for me the jury is still out
We haven't had the chance to check it out yet but if it gives us access to free games surely it's got to be good!
Have umm'd and arhh'd about subscribing because it looks the goods, but do I really want to pay a recurring fee! Maybe this is the kick in the butt I need........
So many great games to play when I have nothing to do and need some entertaining.
rep. for the free games they have +1
Heaps of games for (almost) free is great in my books!
Free games = great, lousy discounts = not great.
Living in the outback, would love to give this a go to cure boredom!
PlayStation Plus is a good service because it gives you free games and discounts on the PlayStation Store!
pretty awesome - would love to have access to all the awesome content
Playstation Plus is a great service offering heaps of free games, but I think they need more Vita games on the service and cut the price just a little to get me onboard!
I love that you get to see and try new games before the outlay of purchasing them.
I would love to have a PlayStation Plus Subscription, so many games I missed out on have now gone free for PS+ members, would love to get into it.
Playstation plus sounds like it would be great to have because of the great value you get. Ready,Waiting and Willing to give it a go. ;)
I haven't tried it yet but I've heard good things
It looks like a good and growing service but I've never bought membership to test it out.
One word, WOW.
Haven't tried it myself, but if it's free I'll give it a go.
PlayStation Plus is awesome, every month you get a big name title and games that I wouldn't usually buy but ended up enjoying them and ps+ discounts on the ps store is great
I think it's great, the service pays for itself :)
u get discounted games and sometime u can get free games
Premium service done right
I don't have much spare cash, so ps plus is a great way for me to keep playing new games on a low budget
I have not really got into it really only because I have not had a reason to buy it , though a trial might show me what it has to offer!
Playstation+ is great for bonus content!
Getting some free stuff!!
I'm loving ps home this would be great to add stuff to my character and appartment!!
My son loves the free game downloads. He managed to get a game he has been looking for in the shops but hasn't been able to find for free!!
I reckon PlayStation plus is a great service that it offered to existing playstation members. It gives you many awesome features, such as free games every month, also at an affordable price.
Playstation plus must of been created to let me realise there WAS such a thing as love at first site. (love)
playstation plus best thing since sliced bread
Loving PS+ especially since I bought the Vita! So many free games including some I was looking at buying, including, but not limited to: Catherine, Okami HD, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush... The list keeps getting longer and longer!
I wouldnt know as I have always wanted to try it but as a sole parent, it's not a luxury I can afford.
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