Injustice: Gods Among Us giveaway

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Injustice Gods Among Us Giveaway

Win 1 of 10 copies of Injustice: Gods Among Us on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Thanks to our friends at Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, we have 5x PS3 and 5x Xbox 360 copies of Injustice: Gods Among Us to giveaway!


1. Register or sign-in to (if you haven't done so)

2. Answer the question below

3. AND post below telling us your preferred platform -- Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 -- so we know which game to send you (if you win, of course!)

4. 'Like' or 'Tweet' this page.

And that's it! You're in the running to win Injustice: Gods Among Us on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3!

Giveaway closes on Friday, April 26, at 6pm AEST.

Injustice: Gods Among Us will be released in Australia on April 17.

More about Injustice: Gods Among Us

Visit the official website.

Injustice: Gods Among Us debuts as a bold new fighting game franchise that introduces a deep, original story featuring a large cast of favourite DC Comics icons such as Batman, Catwoman, Cyborg, Harley Quinn, Solomon Grundy, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and many others. Set in a world where the lines between good and evil are blurred, players will experience heroes and villains engaging in epic battles on a massive scale.

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Competition by: Tano 361043Kudos 12/04/2013
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Injustice: Gods Among Us giveaway Comments

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Preferred platform is PS3 because of the control ^_^ And free online
PS3 please ;)
When I win I would Like either the PS3 or the XBOX version plz
PlayStation 3, please
Would love a PS3 copy!
Good luck everyone

Xbox360 if I win please
360 version
Xbox 360.
Xbox please! :D
Would lurrrrrrrve it on PS3 [MOG]
PS3 please :)
Good luck to everyone :)

Xbox 360 please it would be so awesome! :)
PS3 please if I'm lucky, Thanks
PS3 please and thank you :)
PS3 Please would be awesome
XBox 360 would be brilliant *_*
Either Xbox 360 or PS3!! Thanks
ps3 thanks :)
how awesome is this comp..oh yeah ps3 please .go batman you legend =)
Xbox 360 copy would be amazing please! And good luck to everyone!
Xbox 360 copy would be amazing please! And good luck to everyone! :D
PS3 version please!!! This is an amazing giveaway! Good luck everyone! :)
Xbox 360 please
360 pleasu, glhf
PS3 Please
360 Plz :D
XBOX 360 please
PS3 Please.
PS3 please. :)
ps3 please :D
Xbox Please! [MOG]
Xbox 360 would be great!
I'd love the 360 version if I do win :)
PS3 Please
PS3 version please. *Crossed fingers*
Would LOVE to win a copy on Xbox 360 please :)
Xbox 360 please.
Xbox 360 please :)
Xbox 360 [Derp]
PS3 Please.
PS3 Please :)
Give doss the eggsbawx version. =D
Xbox 360 please =D
Xbox 360 thanks [MOG]
360 pretty please
Xbox 360 please. :D
Playstation 3 please
I know I am not going to win because I never win so best of luck to everyone else and if I do win ps3 please
Xbox 360 Please :)
XBOX 360 please! Thanks muchly!
dont care any platform thanks
Xbox I can't get some housework done out of my teenage son for this one! :)
PS3 please.
PS3 please :) This game looks awesome! IF I'm not lucky enough to win, I will be going out an buying a copy for myself *ahem* I mean hubby! :D
PS3 please.
playstation three :P
PS3 please:-)
PS3 Plz
XBOX Three Hundred & Sixty. *_*
Xbox 360 please. [Derp]
xbox 360 please
PS3 for me because we lovez da PS333333333333333 ^_^
XBOX 360 please :)
ps3 please!
Xbox 360 please
game box 360
PS3 :)
Would love a PS3, but could also use a 360.
Entered. Ecksbawx tree-six-tay pls (love)
360 pwease! :D
Xbox 360 please :)
PS3 please
xbox360 thanks
Xbox360 (*)
PS3 please.
Ps3 please
xbox,please, that would be really awesome if i won
PS3 please!
Either :-) PS3 or Xbox.
Xbox would be great :)
How do you like it on facebook anyway? Facebook this only shares it :O
Ps3 please :)
PS3, cheers! :)
ps3 please :D
PS3 please!! :D
PS3 pretty please (:
The superior ps3 version plz! :D
PS3 please
PS3 for me too. I wouldn't mind getting an XBox, but I've gotta be realistic about how much hardware I can actually find time to play. :)
PS3 for sure :)
PS3 all the way!
ps3 or 360 or both :D
Ps3 thanks :)
ps3 please and thankyou :)
ps3 please
Xbox 360 please [Derp]
It does not worry me which platform any Xbox/or ps3, I'm sure it is a great game. :D
I'll take it on Xbox 360, but PS3 is ok as well!
From the demo, the Xbox 360 version seemed A LOT easier to link moves and combos. Hope that isn't a problem in the ps3 version :(
Xbox 360 please. Though I'm not picky, I'd take PS3. (:
Would Absolutely love this game on PS3 please. Come on, surely my avatar and name gets me a win. Pleeeeeeease.
PS3 Please :)
Ps3 please :*O
ps3 plz :)
Ps3 would be epic and thankyou
xbox 360 [MOG]
Playstation 3 please! :)
ps3 *_* *_* *_* *_*
This Nana would like it on the PS3 please *_*
Xbox360 please
Xbox 360 please *_*
Playstation 3, please. [Derp]
PS3 Please
PS3 Plox [Derp]
Xbox, please.
This should be an awesome game. PS3 thanks :)
Xbox 360 FTW
xbox360 please :D
PS3 please!! :)
PS3 please
xbox, a-thank you very much!
Ps3 please
XBox :-D
ps3 please
Great comp, PS3 please.
love DC comics :) xbox 360! :D
Either is cool *_*
Xbox 360. This game will be amazing [Derp]
PS3 Please :P I play that more nowdays, the kids keep stealing the 360 and I'm scared it will die again haha
ps3 please
PS3!!! I HAVE RETURNEDDDDDDDDD (for a bit anyway)
Xbox360 thanks.
Good luck everyone!
Xbox 360 :D
360 please
Xbox 360 please :)
Playstation 3 please :)
PS3 please
PS3 please :)
Put me in the draw for the PS3 version please
PS3 please!!
What the **** at these new accounts? :E

PS3 please. ^_^
An X360 version would be rad.
I would like the PS3 version, please.
For Xbox 360 thanks.
PS3 please
Playstation 3 plx
X-Box Thank you :)
Sexy Xboxy
PS3 would be great plz
xbox 360 please [Derp] hope I win
ps3 fan girl *_*
Xbox 360 please
Xbox 360 please! :D :P
ps3 please

The Answer is:
Chuck Norris [MOG]
PS3 please
ps3 plz :D
Imma gonna win!


W84NO1 said:
The Answer is: Chuck Norris [MOG]

PS3 please :)
Xbox please :D
PS3 thanks guys :)
Xbox 360 please.
XBOX 360 would so so el sweeto.. [MOG]
PS 3 Thanks
Xbox360 Thanks.
Xbox 360 please, thanks for the chance!
360 please!
Xbox 360 please
xbox 360 please :D
xbox 360 version please
Thanks for the contest!

Platform: Xbox 360
xbox 360 :)
360 *_*
Xbox360 Please
On the small chance I win, my preferred console of choice is Xbox 360.
It say like, but is that where it says "facebook this" because I don't see a like button.
PS3 please
Cheers guys
PlayStation 3
xbox 360
PlayStation 3 please :)
Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 :P
PS3 or 360, surprise me!
PlayStation 3
PS3 would be awesome
PS3 please.
PS3 please :)
PS3 please :D
PS3 Please
PS3 Please
Xbox 360 please
XBox 360 please :)
PS3 Please =D
PS3 Please
X-Box 360 thankyou
PS3 pretty please this would allow me to reward my son for being the best son I could ask for
I would like it on ps3 please and good luck for every one how enter
Xbox 360 please!
XBOX 360 please..make a great bday gift for my son :)
I'd love it on the PS3 please! :-)
360 thanks
Xbox 360 please if I win!
360 thanks :) Shared page on FB :) Thank you
PS3 Thankyou Kindly (*)
Can I have the Wii version?

If not then I'll guess I'd prefer the Xbox 360 version :)
threeee sex teee.
360 =D
xbox 360 please :)
PS3 please! =D good luck everyone.
Xbox 360! :D
PS3 Please :)
PS3 please
PS3 game
Xbox! [Derp]
PS3. Yes please! =D
PS3 Please.
looks like an awesome game, PS3 for me please, be a great game for me and my son to play :)
would love it on xbox360 plz :)
Ps3 please.
On ya MMGN, PS3. cheers
PS3 Please. Thanks :O)
PS3 please, and many thanks for your consideration.
xbox 360 please
PS3 thanks!
xbox 360 please!
Oooo would love to get my hands on a PS3 version...pretty please???
PS3 hopefully! haha
PS3 Please
PS3 :D ta
xBox 360. Please!
xbox 360 please
PS3 please - i have tweeted :)
xbox 360 please! :)
Either one :D
Xbox 360 please :D
Would love this on 360 please :)
Fingers crossed - PS3 please xx
Ps3 please
XBox 360 please
Playstation 3 brah
360 bruv
PS3 please
ps3 please
X-box 360
ps3 version please
Either PS3 or 360 would be perfect!
[monkey] Play Station 3 please. [monkey]
Xbox 360 please
Xbox 360 please
Dem new accounts
Xbox por favor!
PS3 please
ps3 like a boss ^_^
Xbox 360 please, and I so wish it was Joker's Regime that would be so freaking cool! =D
xbox 360 please
Xbox 360 Please
ps3 please :)
xbox 360 please :D
Xbox 360 plz ;)
xbox please if i win
ps3 would be awesome :)
xBox 360, That is if I win ;D
xbox 360 plz
PS3 Plz (love) (love) (love) ILY (*)
PS3 cause I'm a fan boy lol
AAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDDDDD.................... 6 o'clock
XBox please
xbox would be good as i have been looking for this game everywhere and no one has it
xbox would be good.
Hi everyone. This giveaway is now closed. I was away yesterday and didn;t get round to it today, but will announce winners tomorrow.
Thanks for entering!
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