God of War: Ascension Special Edition Giveaway

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Win a God of War: Ascension Special Edition!

Thanks to our friends at Sony, we have a God of War: Ascension Special Edition to give away!

The special edition includes:
  • Premium steelbook game case
  • Double XP bonus for multiplayer
  • Official game soundtrack (digital version)
  • PS3 dynamic theme and an avatar pack
  • The winner will also receive a God of War PS3 skin!


1. Register or sign-in to MMGN.com (if you haven't done so)

2. Answer the question below

3. AND post below telling us which has been your favourite God of War game so far?

For an additional entry, 'Like' or 'Tweet' this page.

And that's it! You're in the running to win a God of War: Ascension Special Edition on PS3!

Giveaway closes on Thursday, March 21, at 6pm.

God of War: Ascension will be released in Australia on March 14.

Only open to Australian residents aged 18 years and over.

More about God of War: Ascension

God of War: Ascension is a prequel that will show Kratos' emotional path of vengeance, while detailing the rise of his rage to break free from Ares' bond. Epic cinematic storytelling, visceral battles, and blockbuster moments will all be present, along with various enhancements, including a revamped combat system and a brand new online multiplayer mode that combines the brutal gameplay and large-scale battles that the God of War series is known for, to create a brutal multiplayer experience like no other.

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Competition by: Gryllis 371665Kudos 13/03/2013
Link to us http://mmgn.com/Competitions/god-of-war-ascension-special-edition-giv

God of War: Ascension Special Edition Giveaway Comments

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im not an 18 yet :'@

3. AND post below telling us which has been your favourite God of War game so far?

I haven't played any of them :P

Mitchel said: im not an 18 yet

Just don't tell us that :P
God of war 3 was my favourite because it was the first GOW game on a high definition console.
this will be an awesome game, went back to God of War 3 last and i forgot how good that game is :)
i quite enjoyed God of War 3 the puzzles weapons and abilities were very fun to use.
I have never actually played a God of War before, so if given the chance to it would be an awesome time to start!!
Haven;t played yet, sounds good though.
3. AND post below telling us which has been your favourite God of War game so far?

The Original God of War, the first one to start an amazing Series to Ascension.
God of War II :)
My favourite GoW was the first I ever played: GoW III :)
GoW III, looked amazing!
God of War 3 Probably, Great graphics, Great gameplay and Great story
God of War. The first & the best. Got me into the series and loved it since.
I haven't played any of them...yet! I really want to get this one (especially seeing it's the prequel). Any then I'll get the GOW Saga collection :)
God of War 3. Tightened up the controls, combat felt really good, and fixed some really annoying things from the first two like improving the way the camera moves around
had to pick i love every god of war game tho i didnt really play the psp games
God of War 3 was everything the original two were, but with tighter gameplay and beautiful graphics. A total masterpiece.
But this one looks like it might be able to beat it!
Probably the original God of War, not sure how many times I finished it back in the day & yet it was still enjoyable playing the collection that was re-released in HD with trophies.
God Of War 3. First one in HD and best story :)
The original was the best, but then the first in a series always is
I'd say the first game, tho they're all awesome.
God of War 3 was the reason I purchased a PS3. One of the best game experience I have had, the relentless onslaught of never ending enemies and bosses left my thumbs very tired! :D
God of War 3
G.O.W 3 Hands down! =D
God of War 3 was my favourite... it had great graphics, awesome combat system and a really great storyline
God of War: Chains of Olympus simply because you could play that anywhere. Of course God of War 3 will be everyone's favorite but what's better than that? Being able to play GoW everywhere.
G.O.W 1 was my Favorite, it had the longest and most amazing story, it was the most action packed and it didn't go overboard with gore, it felt like an awesome action/adventure hack n' slash game, and to be honest, the first gow is the standard that i base any hack n' slash game on :D
The first game as it's the only one I've finished.
Haven't gotten a chance to play a GoW game yet.
God of War 3
God of war 2, gaming bliss for me
Never played any!
the original was my favourite, fantastic little hack and slash and begun my love with the genre, wooooo good luck everyone
All of the God of Wars have been great, but number 3 has to be my overall favourite. Excellent game-play, great story, just an amazing game!
God of War III was the beastest
God of War III, easily the best!
God of War
God of War III. It wraps up the storyline and has so many epic battles.
God of war1 such a great introducing to the series best by far ^_^
The one on the PSP is the only one I've played so far. And it was a demo.
God of war 3 - I got so much more out of this gane with its super puzzles and awesome gameplay

have tweeted too - https://twitter.com/spog777/status/311754630650548224
oOooO looks pretty :D
Hmm... For the fight against Perseus, I liked GOW2.
Definitely God of War III :)
The first God Of War. Nothing beats where the story starts. *_*
god of war 2
All of them. [MOG]
Never played God of War as I cant afford games as I am studying to be a Game Developer. It does look awesome.
God of war 3 because its the most thrilling and exicting out of all of them the story and the graphics is so great and the weapons too and there more gods to kill.
god of war 1 as i like the gorgans and the hydras and you get to kill aries ..awesom =)
God of War 3!
God of War2 my son loved it he's great at it, me I'm still a beginner an amazing game.
God Of War 3 was an absolute masterpiece in my opinion =D
have not played the game before :)
God of War 2 is my undisputed favourite of the lot.
I've only played God of War III. It was pretty. Lots of God killing fun to be had.
GoW III, my god the beauty. Blood, gore and violence, all in HD with everyone's all-time favourite badass, Kratos *_*
God of War 3. Absolutely epic game!
God of War 1.
God OF WAR 3 !!
God of War 3 was excellent, but my favorite would have to be God of War 2, running towards the Steeds of Time is one of my most remembered "Wow." moments! ;O
mine would have to be GOD OF WAR II!!! because i dont have GOD OF WAR III......yet... [Rage]
which has been your favourite God of War game so far?

The correct answer is the the God of war SAGA!! This really was the perfect solution for me because i had never played any of them! A couple of weeks later and i was all done and proud of it :D (individually it would have to be 2) :D fingers crossed xD
My Favorite GOD so far has been 1 and 2. Althogh I did enjoy 3, it
was kind of lacking :(
But even so all the "BOSS" battles were epic. Even the PSP ones had me wanting to play it again ^_^
The first God of War. Before Kratos became so arrogant... oh wait.
My favourite God of War, on reflection, is probably God of War 2. Which is funny seeing as I actually played God of War 3 before 2. GoW3 amazed me with its visuals, but I felt number 2 was a more solid game overall. Which reminds me, I should really give my God of War HD Collection another play through. :D
God of War 1. Plenty of wow moments for a game unlike others in 2005, my fav part being the Underworld section. And it was a good "break" game from San Andreas at that time :)
GOW 3 is my fave out of them all
GOW 3 is the best so far such a good ending
God of war 3 is by far the best *_* *_*
God of War by far
Answer is: Chuck Norris [MOG]
Original, God Of War was fantastic!
god of war 3 for me!
I've never played a god of war before. but i loved the demo of this one :D
First one since it's the only one i played. I intend to play them all eventually though. [MOG]

and i tweeted aswell.

stublu said:

3. AND post below telling us which has been your favourite God of War game so far?

I haven't played any of them

You know what, even though the graphics were not as good. I still really enjoy the original God Of War. It takes me back to when I fell in love with God Of War.
God of War 3 because the boss battles were epic and the HD epicness made my drool! [Derp]
I've actually never played GoW, so no better way to start than with the purdy new one!
god of war 2
I havent played any yet :0
Number 3 is my fav because of the crazy level designs and awesome battles.
God of War 3 is definately my favourite game so far. It was just perfect in my opinion... cant wait to play this one.
god of war 2. Was so F'kin awsome and still my most favourite game to date! ...such out of this world graphics and also the imagination of the graphic development really raised my eyebrows at the time!
God of War 3, is the only one in series i played, but enjoyed the challenge and felt like was value for money.
the original!
well after playing this awesome game (and i loved all the other ones) this is by far the best, could well be one of the greatest games ever :)
Number One... It was intense and a great introduction to the game series!
Number 3! Awesome graphics and storyline plus really fun and addicting. *_*
They r all good,But this one is looking really good *_*
God Of War 3 has the greatest story to it I just love it. *_* (love)
God Of War 3 has had the Best Grahpics so far. *_* (love)
God of War.
Love them all but God of War was the beginning of my addiction. (*)
All of them. I can't pick just one over the others. X_X
Trilogy pack, because I got to play all of them!
God of war 3, you get to see all the rage come to fruition, plus the scale of some of the areas were impressive
I have played all 3 God of War games and its so tough to choose between them. Number 1 was a classic they got the story so perfect. I loved the blade of Artemis

Number 2 was such a HUGE jump up though. From those first moments beating down the colossus?! Ugh! The rollercoaster never stops! Pegasus, barbarians, time warping. So good.

I feel I should like GoW3 better but they took a step back at the same time. The combat was the best its been but the story became pretty complex. I personally loved the weapon you get at the end.

So all in all I've got to say God of War 2. It was such a rush the entire game. It improved so much from GoW1 and was just as memorable as GoW3, if not as shiny and refined in some parts.
God of War 2 - Twice as God as the first one!
want =)
I am a God of War virgin and it's time i stopped being one.
I've only played the demo's and loved it! but I haven't been able to put funds towards getting the whole series yet :'(
I seem to be in the same boat as a few other people on here. I haven't played any of them.
I havent played them either but Ive heard GOW III is epic
The Original God of War is the only one I've tried, but sure am open to trying the rest.
GOW 3 was the best for me!
I would have to say all of them as the first time i played them i marathoned the series

near the end i was dreaming that i was playing God of War
Its like trying to choose your favorite child. I love them all.
The original IS the best.
#3 is my favourite of the series so far, just the epic scale of the game and boss battles.
I've loved watching the progression of the series. The first game was huge and still my favourite but each iteration has only grown in scope (even the PSP versions) and Ascension is going to be fantastic.
Entered and Definitely God Of War 3 Not only good game play but i loved the puzzle aspect of the game as well :D
God of War 3
I haven't played any of them yet :(
God of War 3.
Played them all and have to say GOW 2 was my favourite.
wow thats alot of comments

my favourite God Of War 3 as I havent finished it yet and it is AWESOME!!!
Everyone seems to be choosing GOW3 but I really enjoyed GOW2 and am still playing it on a regular basis.
Xbox Please. [MOG]

Played the original and enjoyed it, but my favourite is number 3 due to the fact that I've actually put the most time in.
God of War 3 was awesome. So much action in it and I loved punching Zeus in the head LOL.

PS3 for me. Thanks :-))
God of War ... where it all started.
God of War 3 is my favourite so far.
God Of War 2.
God of War II. Still epic after all these years.
First God of War. Original and the best
God of War 1
GOW II was perfect for the PS2, the latest versions are better in many ways, but I loved GOW II.
GOW the original.my fav
I've played and loved all of them, I cant get enough of God of War. I'm even considering getting a God of war Tattoo *_*
God of war 3 is a great game. The way they made it is very well done the way they had a certain amount of weeks to make it on the E3. (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) :D :*O :'( :'@ :'@ *_*
GOW the original... Tweeted
The original, it was so exciting to see all of these myths come to life.
God of War 1 has been my favourite God of War game so far.
GoW 3 was just too good closely followed by 1
GoW 3 for me , was fantastic , at least i thought so. ;)
PSP's Chains of Olympus I remember getting it for my birthday and playing it all day, it was Superb. [Rage]
God of War 3, love it
God of War 1, original, breathtaking, addictive, mesmerising
God of War 3, definitely
God of War 3
number 2 loved the battles was great
God of War: Chains of Olympus!!
Gow:3 got me into the series! never really heard about it when the ps2 games were out :P
I haven't played yet :(
God of war 3.... A W E S O M E !!! [WTF]
God of War #1 - the original game was very violent for its time! Hope they make the GOW movie soon!
I like God of War number 3! ;O
My favourite is Ascension because if I win it, it will be my entry into the series ;) ;) ;)
I have always liked the original one. That is because I love the first in every series. I felt it was the best because it has a better feel than the other ones because I found it to be hard to predict, as I could with the other ones.
God of War 3
God of war : loved the timed sequences and furious button mashing :)
The first game was my favourite. It set the standard that the other games haven't matched yet.
God of War 3. The graphical upgrade from the previous games was stunning and really shows off the power of the Playstation 3!

Like and Tweeted also, tweet URL: https://twitter.com/Babelfish112/status/314624268602331137

Thanks for the EPIC giveaway!
God of war 3 was my favorite, as it was what I started off with and drew me in to the franchise with its game play, story and general awesomeness :3
god of war 3 easily, it was so satisfying seeing a great story coming to a end! I love how it ended where it all began, at the top of Mount Olympus!
God of War on the PS2. It was amazing to see how far they were able to push the system. The backdrops were amazing, especially in the Cliffs level. It really raised the bar for this style of action/puzzle game on the system.

GreenThumb said: The first God Of War. Nothing beats where the story starts.

Yes, the first. Probably my favorite PS2 game.
God of War 3
God of War 3
God of War Ascension, cuz I'm getting a free copy! YEAH! :D
When will we know who won?
I hope I did :)
The 3rd one since its the only one I've played
God of War 3, great graphics, oodles of blood and gore - brilliant stuff!
God of War 3 , great definition,,wow
Sad to say I've never played a God Of War game.but would love to!
GOW III was pure genius
anyone wanna trade the G.O.W game they won in this competition with my double pass tickets to see G.I Joe Retaliation I won ;)
Let me know *_*
3 was pretty awesome, but who knows after this.
GoW 111 great graphics
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