Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition Giveaway

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Win 1 of 3 Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Editions!

To celebrate the release of Borderlands 2's Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keepwe loved it — we have three Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition on Xbox 360 to give away! These are not available in stores and have been sold out since May last year!

Winners will receive:

  • Borderlands 2 Game (360)
  • Replica Borderlands Loot Chest
  • Authentic Marcus Kincaid Bobblehead
  • Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Steelbook Case
  • Creatures of Pandora Wide Format ID Chart
  • 4 Lithograph Postcards
  • Field Notes from Sir Hammerlock
  • Comic Book Download
  • 4 Exclusive Stickers
  • Cloth Map
  • Inside the Vault: The Art of Borderlands 2 Hardbound Book
  • Bonus Digital Content


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2. In the comments below tell us: what is your favourite Borderlands weapon and why? (It can be from either Borderlands 1 or 2).

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And that's it! You're in the running to win a money can't buy Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition!

Giveaway closes on Sunday, July 7.

Only open to Australian residents aged 15 years and over.

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Competition by: Gryllis 371665Kudos 24/06/2013
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Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition Giveaway Comments

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Money can't buy [MOG]
The Bane!! Annoying at times but is still awesome! :D
the corrosive sniper its awesome ,love the look of the people being melted lol =)
the revolvers with sniper like zoom + corrosive always made me lol. plus i just love revolvers :P
Gotta be the bane ;)
Revolver Shotguns, running around as Mordecai blasting everything in the face was how I played Borderlands 1.
Eridian cannon, because its awesome!
definitely the Maggie pistol from borderlands 2, havent played it yet but this guns caught my attention whilst watching some reviews and its even looks awesome :)
I love the Liquid Pitchfork from the second game.
Great to use if you like to quick-scope with snipers in, even more so in close-range combat.
From Borderlands 1 the pistol named "Give Sick" the upgraded version kicked serious ass.

Massive corrosive damage, amazing re load and devastating accuracy.

I would do a little happy dance every time I found one (love)
AR590.2 Glorius Serpens
Corrosive sniper, so easy to use love it
Borderlands 2. My first gun. The basic repeater i got so sentimentally attached to it i actually still have it equipped making boss fights that much harder but i just cant let it go
The Bane is annoying as hell, but I love it :D
Baby Maker, at a high enough level you can use it just as a grenade its sweeeeeeeeeet
The Vicious HeadThumper or whatever its called, From BL1.

Nothing like a Sniper that fires a spread of six shots. enough to do a good 12800 damage to the Destroyer per shot :)

(that's a metric Fton at the end of playthrough 1)
Borderlands 2, personally mine would have to the SUNNY BLOCKHEAD manufactured by Tediore because it is a MINECRAFT GUN! ITs A SHOT GUN THAT SHOOTS BLOCKS! THAT ARE ON FIRE! THAT BOUNCE OFF WALLS! I return to the mincraft area in Borderlands 2 to kill the creepers with the minecraft gun again and again. EPIC (love)
The Corrosive Vladof Sniper.
1. It fires like a machine-gun-sniper-crazy!
and 2. My friend hates it.
The Infinity Pistol! Because what is better than not having to waste money on ammo? Plus the fire rate is downright insane and it goes well with the Bee shield! [MOG]
(Moxxi's) The Good Touch - Awesome name and flavor text. Great fire dps and given by Moxxi :D
I loved the Maliwan Weapons they were awesome
Infinity pistol not having to reload so awesome! [Derp] [Derp]
I think my favourite weapon has to be Sledge's Shotgun, particularly the Borderlands 1 version. If you can get up close to someone, that's it. They no longer exist.
Pretty much any assault rifle (or combat rifle, as they were called in the first game). Especially with a scope.

I was literally headshotting almost everyone in Borderlands 1, and with the assault rifle's rate of fire, it was so fun! No head was left unexploded *_*
I have to say The Bane as well, mainly for it's description "in Spain, stays mainly on the plain." :P
Definately either the Bane or the fibber, hilarious comedy that made these games amazing! :D
Mine is definitely the Bane. ITS SO AWESOME!
Well definitely the Hot Button Fibber! 3000% x damage only if you can reflect the rounds of a solid object. That little pistol takes skills and it is incredibly satisfying to see them burn to death with a skillfully place shot!
Definitely the Eridian Cannon, does a fair bit of damage and fires spheres of electricity/plasma.
The Vladof Infinity pistol, a non-reloading gun is just great for rapid-fire carnage!
The gun of Bulls, I don't need no fancy elemental effects, this thing pretty much puts a wall of bullets between you and your friendly neighborhood psycho.
Who needs a gun when you can have Zer0's ability to vanish completely from the enemy and sneak up unexpectedly behind that foe and tear him to shreds with your shiny blade.
favorite is the Maliwan Hellfire SMG. Its a complete beast, high zoom, and 100% chance of setting fire to enemies.
The Infinity Pistol - I'm a bad shot! X_X
With Lilith in Borderlands 1, it was all about the corrosion for me so my fave gun was a corrosive submachine gun.
The Clipper from borderlands 1 was the most epic 1st boss loot i have ever gotten.

Although Zero's sword is pretty solid too especially considering it is a Katana
the Cyclops sniper rifle stayed with me as soon as i got my hands on it i always play long range combat and it was a fine rifle. staying out of harms way and picking off anything threatning
Corrosive sniper! Great to melt the flip out of someone.
Hyiu Hawk Eye - That critical damage :O ... ~ Boom Headshot! xD
The Bane, Simply because its different and fun ;)
Level 61 Fire Infinity vengeful Pistol - It fires forever without reload and does MASSIVE damage. It is without bias, compromise and is unrelenting. It is beautiful, smart and smells of dandelions. It is charming, delicious and helps old ladies with their groceries. It doesn't know who you are. It doesn't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, It can tell you It doesn't have money. But what It does have are a very particular set of skills; skills It has acquired over a very long career. Skills that make it a nightmare for people like you. If you let my loots go now, that'll be the end of it. It will not look for you, It will not pursue you. But if you don't, It will look for you, It will find you, and It will kill you.
Confrence Call - Kills EVERYONE EVER
moxxi's good touch ~ i just like the style and how you actually get the gun :)
Pitchfork - when you want to kill your target at a distance with the assassin class. Shoots a nice rather pitchfork killzone of 5 shot burst. Bring out the utter peasant bounty hunter when skill isn't your sharpest.
Basic Repeater. I like the challenge [Shifty]
I loved the Flush hammer buster... Love the retro/steampunk look. and it kicks butt too =D
=D fabulous and i really really want this prize.
Sledges shotgun for me because it's awesome to use :D
My favourite weapon in Borderlands 1 was always the next one. Whatever cool gun I looted or bought, I would start thinking about the next, even cooler gun I'd unlock. Such a brilliant game feature.
moxxis heartbreaker was the best weopon but was replaced with the octo [WTF]
Bolshy Droog (sniper) I have it at lvl 44. It does 6500 dmg, has a fire rate of 5.2 (that's right ...sniper) and a mag size of 24. Yes 24! I have assault rifles that don't have that dmg, fire rate or clip size.
Corrosive Sniper. The thing is the right amount of ****ING AWESOMENESS and JUST PLAIN COOL. It's really smooth and the look of the victim is freaking awesome.
I would have to say the Conference call. Even If I don't have it, I get to dream don't I? :)
My favorite weapon would have to be the Outrunner, it's a vehicle but hurts and kills people so its a weapon :P. It's just so fun driving around hitting people and blowing them up with the turret on top. :D
My favorite weapon is my ability to melee. Why you ask? because there is nothing more satisfying, then beating bad-asses in the face. Like a bad ass! (love) Because. ONLY IN BORDERLANDS!
I'd have to say "Moxxi's guns" if you know what I mean? There pretty powerful, and I know you'd agree! ;)
The elephant rifle from the first game, had so much fun getting headshots with its overpowered badassedness. That and Moxxi's good and bad times, if you know what I mean XD
The Cobra sniper rifle. Pinpoint accuracy with bonus fireworks.
Can't go past an Eridian Megan cannon...literally.
I have a love for all tediore weapons, just for the ammo regen.
But one day i stumbled across an absolute beast.
A tediore assault rifle, that corrodes.
Even when i used different weapons, and i got better ones, i still had ole beasty.
The adaptation of the Skullsmasher of Borderlands 1 the "Violent Skullsmasher" for the over all damage of 942 for shot. The fact that this sniper produces 6 bullets per shot is amazing and it also knocks back enemies if a critical hit is accomplished. It also just looks good and suits Mordecai quite well with the coloration of the gun. My best moment with it was when i knocked a badass lvl 47 midget off of a cliff in T-bone Junction as i was only lvl 41. I hope this is satisfactory for me to take away the grand prize. Thanks! ~Hanky
The Infinity Gun from BL2, with One shOt One kill and Bee shield it is amazing
The rocket launchers that shoot like 4 rockets at once! [MOG]

Its my bday 4days after the comp ends... *_*
I would have to say the Torgue Redemption Rocket Launcher from BL1. Great for taking out large numbers of groups (Easy as to kill raiders and bandits!) Although, hard to get, hard to shoot, and very slow. But SO POWERFUL. (love)
The Terror type sniper rifle. The look of the gun is simply beautiful and there's nothing like getting a good look at someone before you shoot *_*
Fearsome Bessie (i think that's what it was called.) sniper from Borderlands one.

Did so much damage. Was nothing more fun that stomping on Bandits from 100 meters away.
Peppy handgun simply because it looks awesome
My favourite gun is easily The Law. It's a kickass revolver (fires as fast as you can shoot), but more importantly is the references to pop culture it contains!

1. Gun is titled "Law"
-> A shield gained from beating a paired quest is called "Order"
Therefore, the equipment is a reference to Law & Order, the TV show.

2. CSI reference in the mission
-> When you get The Law, by completing the mission here, the investigator references Horatio of CSI Miami. He says something along the lines of, "Barlow here thought he could snipe an innocent man and get away with it.. I guess you could say that... was a long shot!" He then spins his gun and holsters it, an action of similar manner to Horatio putting on his sunnies after an equally bad joke.

Great references, great damage.. what isn't to love??
easily the Law revolver. Why?

High damage.
High rate of fire.
Low recoil.
Lots of ammo.
Bonus melee damage.

What's not to love?
the corrosive rocket launcher is always fun but nothing beats incendiary shotguns or the bone crusher from borderlands 1
Any gun that goes BOOM!!!

I can't remember the name but it was an rpg in borderlands 1 that I had for brick.
It had 9 clip size in total and fired all rockets in one burst. When brick kills something his fire rate for rockets goes up.
It got hilarious.
Gotta love the volcano on borderlands 1 first half decent weapon i fould and never stopped using it
The SMG in Boarderlands 2 that sounds like a red indian on a warpath when you shoot it it always cracks me up or the sniper rifle that has a go at you everytime you miss your target
Legendary weapons of any sort. I killed a boss about 25 times just so I could obtain an legendary weapon. Conference call is my fav. It's badass shot gun with awesome fire power.. [Derp]
Corrosive Sniper. It is the coolest weapon EVER!!
The Eridian Flaregun-specatacular effects.
definitely the corrosive sniper!!
Ha! Corrosive Sniper its my trademark weapon. I seriously kick butt with it!
The steel undertaker from borderlands 1. there is nothing like a high capacity mag with rockets that do amazing damage!
Would love this to keep the kids occupied in the winter school holidays.
The Nukem rocket launcher is my lucky weapon!!!
my Multi grenades i got from my first bomm and brawn kill used them all the way to the end of the game
I love The BoomStick you get from The Barren on the salt plains in Borderlands 1. (Insert "This is my boomstick" joke)
I have to agree the Nukem rocket launcher is the best weapon available.
Eridian cannon
Definitely would have to say "Moxxi's Guns" if you know what I mean... Their pretty powerful... ;)
The Bane. Nice one! [MOG]
Hyperion’s Energizing Bane. SO ANNOYING. but so funny.
Lady Fist, it's a great sidearm due to massive added critical damage, it effectively has almost full accuracy after magazine reloads in combat situations. :)
sniper i seem to do better with it then anything else
Hellfire SMG from the first borderlands!! Its bullets are on fire.. enough said
Sledge's Shotgun because it fires 4 rounds at once which makes it effective on all enemies.
Corrosive sniper for sure :)
Brick's Fists + corrosive artifact. Having him punch someone and then watching them felt was oddly the most satisfying thing in the first Borderlands. Much more satisfying then the final boss battle for sure
Any sniper rifle. I love long range combat!
The Bane is my favourite :)
The corrosive sniper. If I am going to go nuts and do damage this is my favourite.
I'm not sure .....really need my kids home to answer this one for me haha! they would love it if I won so I'll say a gun bang bang! :P
A big giant Eridian cannon so I can blow them all away.
My favourite gun from Borderlands is the Pearlescent Cyclops handgun from Borderlands 2. That thing took me so long to get and then when I got it I instantly fell in love with it.
It would have to be the Bane
My go-to weapon at the moment is a Maliwan corrosive SMG - Apt SubMalevolent Grace.
The BFG!

Oops, I meant the Asset Fibber, with the shots ricocheting off the floor, splitting into 9 pellets, all flying forward in a tight cluster.
The Hellfire SMG
The Eridian Cannon, because it makes me feel a little like Nikola Tesla.
Easily my favourite gun is the Minecraft sniper rifle. Takes skill, as the arrows actually have vertical drop, plus theres nothing quite as satisfying as killing huge bosses with arrows :P
my favourite guns from borderlands 2 called "Rapid Infinity" unlimited ammo no reload
Any gun that turns them baddies into piles of shit. mainly those bloody Skags... :P
Hive XD ;) [MOG] :D
Definitely the S&S Munitions Crux from Borderlands One. What more could you ask for in an assault shotgun? A fully automatic explosive shotgun (usually x4 with an epic one), a HUGE magazine (kudos to S&S Munitions, maxxed at 18 shots), usually a faster reload boost, and the cross shaped spread pattern! Not to mention it was super effective against any human or upright based enemies who took the full force of the vertical spread of the shot pattern! Then if you to place the Crux in the hands of Roland with Fitness (25% extra Max Health), Impact (15% additional damage), Scattershot (25% additional shotgun damage) and Overload (60% magazine increase), then you are going to be the most badass motherf*cker to ever roam Pandora.

So cross their hearts, and hope they die.
Brick's fists! Nothing like goin beserk and punching the world to pieces
Invader is the only weapon for me.
MONGOL, can't go past a rocket launcher. Wish I had one in real life, to use as I liked on who I liked without repercussions!!
Eridian Stampeding Spatter Gun for the damage it does!!
I love the big boom sound of the canons!
The Bane
The Vladof Infinity pistol, for me, the perfect gun. I HATE RELOADING!1!!!!

A non-reloading gun is like my wildest shooty dreams come true. *_* *_*
give me the bane any day
Maybe it's because I grew up on a diet of old black and white Tarzan movies, but I like Whitting's Elephant Gun. It's an elephant gun and I am a great white hunter. Now all I need is an elephant.
the cobra sniper rifle...its all about accuracy!
Liquid Pitchfork
Why choose a pistol or shotgun when you can have a sniper rifle - I like the Cobra from Borderlands 2
Shotgun with a scope. Had a random purple one drop late in my first playthrough of Borderlands 1. Used it well into my second playthrough, because though the damage was low compared to levelled shotguns, the high accuracy meant all the bullets went into their face.
You can't beat The Bane [Rage]
"The Bane, in Spain stays mainly on the plain."
I gotta love Corrosive Shotgun. I enjoy using the shotgun with powerful damage, and splashing acid onto multiple enemies, causing them to corrode away quickly!
The Bane - no 'Bane' no Gain!
Rapid Infinity - unlimited firing and no reload - creates a Buzz for me, to infinity and beyond!
Moxxi's Heartbreaker, It was such a good shotgun. Who doesn't like a shotgun which shoots fire??
The Infinity Pistol, every game should have one!!!!!!!!
The Hellfire SMG is my favourite. You need something else against the Spiderants, but overall this is awesome. (evil)
The Bane. For the incredibly slow moving duels @Marge, @MX_Snib and I have had.
For me it's definitely corrosive shotguns, the feel when you go close to a boss and just unload the corrosive bullets on him is very satisfying.
the bessie - the best sniper there is for a nemesis!
Lyuda/White Death. High damage with a good fire rate and a Lucky Hoarder class mod, and I don't run out of ammo with it, ever. :)
My favourite is the bane because it doesn't let your run fast, it is hard to aim and it is hard to keep a straight face when shooting it because all it does is scream at you :)
Corrosive sniper because I had heaps of kills with it
The sabre turret is my favourite weapon, drop it into battle and watch the body parts fly while cash in on all the loot!
I love using my phase lock as Maya, because I can stop enemies in their tracks and generate health for my team!
The Infinity Pistol - one less thing to think about when destroying te baddies
Miss Moxxi's Heart Breaker because if 4003x10 damage isn't enough it also ignites enemies to cause that little bit more of mayhem and shoots a heart shaped spread of bullets. Also the red text underneath the stats says "I don't want to set the world on fire..." which ironically is the exact opposite you do with this gun.
The Corrosive Vladof Sniper Deadly and messy and feared by all.
Maliwan Hellfire SMG. Its a complete beast, high zoom, incredible accuracy and has a lightning fast reload speed
The bad guys get pulverised with "Infinite Pistol" thank goodness for him.
The Bane must be the greatest weapon, makes me laugh every time and you can hear from anywhere in the map when someone shoots it
Salvador's fists!!
The Revolver as it kills good
The Bane
The Infinity Pistol, im a terrible shot, makes life easier
the infinity pistol, cause.....who doesn't love endless ammo!
Mine would be sledges shotgun for the first borderlands, because it has massive damage if used properly, and good reload time which is most efficient in shotguns XD
The Mongol is pretty badass. As if one rocket wasn't enough. Also, splash damage from huge explosions can be a lifesaver.
def the lyuda sniper rifle :D
Tiny Tina's "Teapot"

Pink camo SMG, with "Havin' a tea Partay drinkin' mah Teeea!" as an affect (Contagious corrosive splash affect).

Adds a bit of class to your wasteland tea-parties.
My boys would love this prize - no idea of the weapons but I guess they would :)
i don't know what my favourite weapon is as I have never played borderlands... soooo ummm yea, this is awkward...
The Savage unforgiven from BL1 was brilliant, a high damage Jakobs masher which one hits allmost everything at max level. :)
Holy crap there is a lot of under-10-kudos responders lmao. I've put in 350hrs+ into BL2 and i would just die if i got this loot chest.

As for favourite gun? I have a Hot Button Fibber i got from that robot who wants to be human. Got really lucky with the damage on it and which version of it i got. This one has a single bullet shot, normal bullet speed, when it hits a wall it ricochets properly depending on the angle. When it does ricochet though, it turns into a shotgun-like blast with 9 pellets (8 in a circle, one in the middle). The damage rating on this pistol when you look at it is over 45,000 and i got this pistol in the 2nd playthrough before i was even level 50. Its a horrendously powerful weapon, when i got it i could slay badasses and goliaths in less than a pistol clip just by pointing the pistol at the ground between me and the enemy to get the bounce-shot right. Plus its also a fire weapon.
Always loved the Volcano sniper rifle, it looks cool and I've always found it fun to use.
The Lucid Hellfire by far, getting that at level 61 absolutely destroys anything and everything! ^_^ (Borderlands 2)
probably the Conference Call love a good legendary gun
well, i like hyperian weapons but i like the gun that you can get from Moxxxi, thats like the best weapon.
ye, i know its not that great but i really like it
its good for starter and plus, moxxi is HOT! (love) (love)
easily the magma sniper rifle when you hear the sound of the bandit screaming im on fire your like well you shouldn't have shot me you son of a bitch
The Clipper! That pistol has to be the most useful weapon you can acquire early on in the game. Plus, who doesn't like burning people.
single "Pistol" category,its class weaponry and very accurate,also has fast reload and includes auto-firing machine pistols with larger magazines *_*
miss moxxis good touch cause that creative use of the rumble on controllers
The Fibber would have to be my favourite! So much damage >:D
The Infinity Pistol, if you miss a shot or two it's no problem, you got endless ammo =D
Not a weapon per say, but i always loved the bee shield! All the vonus damage! Love it so so much
It's been so long since I played BL2 I can't remember... I thought it was the BEE but then I seen a comment about it being a shield... I is such a noob lol
The Moloko is probably my favourite gun as it provides great loot for a sniper and is very powerful!
It has to be The Bane. That gun is incredibly well made because at the time you usually recieve it, its really good, but with an incredibly annoying trade off.
The Bane, because it was born in the darkness, moulded by it :P
The bunny (tediore rocket launcher) its not too rare and packs a powerful punch and even after use you can still throw it to do stupendous damage ^_^
The Bane. Now you have my permission to die!!
The good ol' Brute.
T.K's Wave, 'cause its like dubstep in a gun. :3
My favourite weapon is the RPG770 Cobalt Rocket launcher from Borderlands 1 the reason I love it becuase this weapon fires 3 rockets at a time and is very powerful
The Heartbreaker!! It has a unique name, Its incendiary, and shoots in a heart shape. And any inflicted damage returns health to the wielder (2% of damage).
Stock Combat Shotgun where I can get up close and personal while redecorating all the walls *_*
Any thing sniper related, as love to use them from afar.
The bane
I love the Bane but i have to go with the infinity pistol. i love never running out of ammo :D
Reaver's Edge second to nothing in the way of snipers weapon it will take out foe before they get close. boom boom
Moxxi's good touch
Does it need an explanation? ;)
E-tech Guns, especially a Topneaa, because if its ammo gets close to you it will certainly take the TOP off your KNEE too.
The Bane, use it and turn the volume up around friends annoys the crap out of them =D
The Bane, because annoying your team/house mates with it is the best =)
Krom's Sidearm because of its Speed and that it may look puny and weak but it strikes like a Lightning Bolt attracted to metal. :D
Corrosive sniper eats away the enemy
Confrence Call!!! i like the stuff i shoot at to die lol :)
Thunderball fists!
How awesome to be able to smack 'em 'round a bit with fists of thunder.... Yep! That'll get me there :) personal favourite.
The Eridian Stampeding Spatter Gun

"For when you want to splat the living shit out of something."

Never Played Bordelands before, though if you let me win this I'll tell you my favorite gun in a full 2000 word write up. (I'm serious too, I'll go into full detail of RLD, stats and more.)
the one that go boom!
any idea when the winner will be revealed
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