If at first... you fall to your death.
So I played Fez... And I learned something
New year? Nah not yet... juuust checking.

Anyhow, EndBoss has been hounding me to play Fez for sometime now.

Initially turned off by the idea of playing video games during the time I should be working, ("Hi, my name is Oliver and I'm a workaholic") I resisted. Then when shown the game, I said "Nah, I don't like sprite animation."

Well... I succumbed after some further prodding, Tia also suggesting I do so, I sat down and played 30 minutes.

Beyond the 30 minutes of playing that I put into it, the childlike graphics and delightful nature of the initial start to the game were fun. As EndBoss and I commented back and forth, he made note of the fact that I hadn't really played enough of the game to make a decision. This is the point in which I learned something.

I haven't been giving games a chance for a long time now. Yet, when I stick with something through the initial "trough of sorrow" -that's entrepreneur talk for the period right after the super exciting start to an adventure- I definitely get enjoyment out of it. Great examples of this happening were the first level of GTA3 , wherein I previously would die again and again, the first hour of Assassin's Creed II when I had to learn how to be an assassin.

Fortunately for the really big series, they are able to capture us with the latest game because the back story has already pulled us in. Yet, if one isn't in the right mindset, they'll never get into a new game, i.e. my experience with FIFA and Mario Party.

I'm going to make a point to be more open-minded about the games that I am playing. There's some I'm still keen to get out there and play.

What's next on my mac? I can't be sure. Maybe Arkham City, as I'm a secret comic nerd. Though, I've also been intrigued by the gameplay discussed with Dark Souls.

If I had 30 minutes to play a game, what would be the one that would get me hooked? Tell me in the comments below.

Posted 27/12/2012
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If at first... you fall to your death. Comments

  • Tano 363562 XP 27/12/2012 +1
    It took you a few weeks of pestering to play it :P
  • Mista_T 1632 XP 27/12/2012
    One game that I think really did a good job of this was flOw. Thatgamecompany does a good job of keeping story to a minimum, but building on gameplay.

    Anything else out there?
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  • EndBoss 10040 XP 27/12/2012 +2
    Osmos on the ipad, you get hooked in the first min
  • Tano 363562 XP 28/12/2012

    EndBoss said: Osmos on the ipad, you get hooked in the first min

    OMG YES, DO IT! This is your next game to play.
  • Mista_T 1632 XP 31/12/2012
    I played Osmos... $6 wasted.

    Free Age of Zombies/JetPack game from HalfBrick.... hmm... [Shifty] I'll have to watch out for playing too much of these.
  • EndBoss 10040 XP 01/01/2013 +1

    hdphnsamurai said: I played Osmos... $6 wasted.

    You are fired
  • Mista_T 1632 XP 03/01/2013

    EndBoss said:

    hdphnsamurai said: I played Osmos... $6 wasted.

    You are fired

    Anyone hiring? :'@
  • MX_Xizz0R 3566 XP 27/01/2013
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