How to: Comic Book Phone Cover
Video game craft = win #10

It’s been a little while since I made a craft blog.
My manager was on leave so I took on extra shifts for a few weeks which was very full on, I’m also about to move so have been planning that, I just haven’t have the energy to make anything!
Don’t think I was slack, I was just busy busy :]

So, I was working on a large scale craft when I found out that my family dog was sick and had to be put down, I have put a pause on that project and decided to just make a small quick craft blog for this week.
Sad Panda.

What you will need:
*Phone Cover (I actually got mine for free, the sales guy was like ‘Srsly just take it’ Saved $5…WOO!)
*Mod Podge, This is a glue and a varnish.
*Medium Paint Brush
*Comic Book. Note: If you don’t want to cut up comic books then just print out some comic book images from the internet, they will give you the same effect.

Step 1
Cut up your comics into jagged, square and thin pieces. Save some words, speech bubbles and characters that you want to stand out, put these aside for later.

Paint a layer of Mod Podge onto the back of your phone cover.
Start sticking the comic book pieces down; make sure you flatten each piece so there are no air bubbles underneath.

Keep adding Mod Podge and comic pieces until you cover the whole area.
Use thinner strips on the curves to avoid bumps.
You must also wrap the comic book images around the edge of the cover so the sides are all concealed.
Don’t worry about covering any holes; you can cut them out later.
Leave to dry.

Step 2
Coat back in Mod Podge and start arranging your feature words/characters on the back.
Once Stuck down, coat phone back/sides in one last layer of Mod Podge to seal and protect images.
Leave to dry.
Using scissors or a Stanley knife, cut out any holes you have covered, E.g. camera, speaker etc…

You’re done!

So easy and now you have your own unique customised phone cover.
You don’t have to use comic books. Make one with images you really like.
Zombie phone cover anyone? Mmmmm brains.
Posted 09/09/2012
HelloTaco 2,142 XP
Sounds like transparent sunshine

How to: Comic Book Phone Cover Comments

  • HelloTaco 2142 XP 09/09/2012 +2
    Sorry it was so short :(
    I’ll make a better next week.
  • Kerosanak 92937 XP 09/09/2012 +1
    If I wasn't so lazy, I'd love to make one of these for my cover, it's all scratched and covered in crap I can't get off.

    My favourite one yet. 10 internets for you.
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  • HelloTaco 2142 XP 09/09/2012 +1
    Haha this is your favourite one? It’s likeeee really short though!
    Thanks. It's actually very easy, probably the easiest I have done so far so I bet it wouldn’t take you long to do at all. You should dooo itttt.
    Perfect for lazy people.
  • Tia 84717 XP 09/09/2012
    Sorry to hear about your dog. :(

    What a great idea!!!!!

    Now I have to remember where I put my spare case. [Shifty]
  • HelloTaco 2142 XP 09/09/2012
    Thanks Tia (*)
    She was quite old so had lived a nice long life.

    My phone is an old model so i can get cases for really cheap now [Derp]
  • GreenThumb 100682 XP 09/09/2012
    Another great how to! Looking forward to the future ones ^_^

    Also sorry about your dog, It's a shame when they have to go :(
  • sjt333 251274 XP 09/09/2012
    does mod podge taste like clag
  • HelloTaco 2142 XP 09/09/2012
    Ah Possibly, but it smells like poison so I wouldn't try it unless you want to die.... [MOG]
  • EndBoss 10040 XP 10/09/2012
    Wow so cool

    Does the cover get sticky after a while? I find whenever I custom paint something, the paint comes off easily and the glue gets sticky after a while, wondering if you have any tips.
  • Guyver 476298 XP 10/09/2012
    Was that a rare comic? :E
  • Olly 34243 XP 10/09/2012
    I was expecting to come in here and be all like 'meh' but you never fail to amaze me @Miamigo ! That's totally sweet!
  • HelloTaco 2142 XP 11/09/2012
    Look what i found at Kmart.

    Comic book wrapping paper *_*

    EndBoss said:
    Wondering if you have any tips.

    If you’re painting something I really would recommend using a Matt Varnish over the top, some people say you can use PVA glue to seal your work but because PVA is just a glue you will find it stays tacky.

    Mod Podge is awesome but is made for decoupage so it is also a glue.
    I recently used it to re-cover a table with sweet wrapping paper but I still put a Matt Varnish over the top because the Varnish eliminates any tackiness.
    As the weather is becoming warmer I probably will give my phone cover a layer of varnish (just for precaution) but I haven’t had any problems with Mod Podge even without a final layer of varnish. You just have to make sure it’s dry completely (24h).
    Hope that helps :)

    Guyver said: Was that a rare comic?

    haaaaaaaaa I actually used images from the net because I didn't want to cut anything up.
    How to: Comic Book Phone Cover

    That 'what you will need' pic was just an example...

    OllyEbbz said: I was expecting to come in here and be all like 'meh' but you never fail to amaze me @Miamigo ! That's totally sweet!

    Nawww thanks Olly How to: Comic Book Phone Cover
  • capt_oats 37484 XP 11/09/2012
    This is awesome! :)

    But then I'd be worried too much about scratching my case. :P
  • M@ndyz 251995 XP 11/09/2012
    Nice :)
  • punk 13613 XP 11/09/2012
    cool DIY!

    how do I fave this shiz. oh well, bookmarked for future self.
  • MicDaMan 41080 XP 16/09/2012
    OH man I want a Zombie one for my Galaxy S3 [Derp]
  • XxmadmanxX 84092 XP 27/09/2012

    Miamigo said: Ah Possibly, but it smells like poison so I wouldn't try it unless you want to die....

    I think Sam should try it

    Like Kero said I'd like to do this but we'll that involves effort [MOG]
  • MoeMan 56335 XP 19/10/2012
    This is pretty cool!!! I'de give it a shot when I can be bothered lol.. I might get my kids onto it *_*
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