GTA Online - Unlimited Money Cheat
More money you can shake a stick at

So a friend told me about this hack, found a few tutorials on YouTube, @Tano and I had different understandings but I was able to get it working.

1 - Buy a house or a garage, if you have one, cool
2 - Buy a Pegassi Bati 801RR - it has to be this bike
3 - Start an invite only private session
4 - Drive this bike to Los Santos Customs
5 - Sell the bike
6 - Just after you sell the bike, when the money just comes up on the screen, like +1500, press "Start"
7 - Go to Xbox / PSN store, then exit the store

The bike should respawn on the map, and you can do this again and again.

Remember, the more you customize the bike, the most you can sell it for. But the max you can sell it is $50K, but $50K for every 20 seconds will make you very rich very quickly

When you mod your bike, you have to wait 35minutes (1 day in game time) to be able to sell the bike again.

Tried it? Let us know how you go! Apparent it works with the Bugatti as well

I've assigned @Ben to work out how to do this in real life...

Posted 15/10/2013
EndBoss 10,040 XP
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GTA Online - Unlimited Money Cheat Comments

  • EndBoss 10040 XP 15/10/2013
    Oh - @Tano said MS is going to ban you if you do this. So yeah, we won't be hold responsible for your account, and your virtual money...
  • Harry 77956 XP 15/10/2013
    I don't really see how MS has the right / care factor to ban you for this :P
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  • EndBoss 10040 XP 15/10/2013
    I tried this and it works great.

    unfortunately i'm only level 20, which means I can only do up the bike so much (you unlock more upgrades as you level up), which means, every time i do this, i can only get 14K. which isn't bad at all, like 100K every 5 minutes or so, but doing this for 50minutes is just brain numbingly silly.

  • Tano 363562 XP 16/10/2013

    Harry said: I don't really see how MS has the right / care factor to ban you for this

    Reports are they are banning. Same as any game? Plenty of exploiters in COD and BF have been banned for exploiting game design flaws. Anything deemed "anti-competitive", although it's not like this is allowing you to skip levels or something.
  • DarkMidna 70 XP 17/10/2013
    This would actually be useful.
  • Doles 40449 XP 17/10/2013
    this is awesome!
  • EndBoss 10040 XP 17/10/2013
    I modded my bike so the resell value is 34K, and took about 15 minutes to get about $700K

    Not that greedy...

    Bought an apartment with $300K, and just upgraded all my weapons and stuff

  • GreenThumb 100682 XP 17/10/2013
    I want to do this, Got the bike and everything

    Just got no unlocks for it [Shifty]
  • W84NO1 30103 XP 22/10/2013
    In the latest game update this glitch has been patched.
  • Schnapman 20290 XP 22/10/2013
    happy I did it before the patch made a bit of cash
    it didnt have to be this bike i discovered though
  • GreenThumb 100682 XP 22/10/2013
    There is another glitch that's popped up from the patch though.

    I've tried it once, Got the money & kept my vehicle. But it spawned me too far away to even bother doing it again
  • Schnapman 20290 XP 22/10/2013
    your so cheap @GreenThumb
  • GreenThumb 100682 XP 22/10/2013
    Their fault for not having heists already
  • -PAYZEE- 18596 XP 29/10/2013
    would tyhis not get your charcter kicked from Gta Online BY R*?? as with other explouts getting around?? i really dont see the big deal as im playing the game at my own pace and not trying to get everything at the beginning...
  • GreenThumb 100682 XP 29/10/2013
    I don't think so. Rockstar are trying to lobby Microsoft into banning gamertags in general for those who have abused it majorly, But with the new consoles around the corner people are just laughing at them.

    I personally don't see how it's so bad. It's exploiting bad coding on their end, It's not hard to patch up. I use to feel sympathy for R* after having issues with launch, But now it's just beyond a joke.

    I think if they banned everyone's gamertags/characters who have abused it their multiplayer community would severely be damaged since any game i join i see alteast 6+ people doing the glitch. Now with people glitching Tanks, Helicopters and Jets in their garage and getting them insured etc. It's just become a total joke.
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