Game Development Blog #1: Procrastination
Follow my progress as I strive to create games and have them played by people.
I'm going to admit right now I'm quite late in writing this blog.. I have completed all aspects of my game-in-development bar the level design, of which I have 40 levels worth of work remaining.

However, I figure the age old adage of being letter late than never is appropriate to use here, and so I figure I should share my game development experiences with you all.. Who knows, maybe sharing my experiences will further motivate me to imagine and create?

The main snippet I wanted to share today is that I'm tired of procrastinating.. I am sick of not working on my game because I know I want to. But being in holiday mode has, for some reason, lowered my efficiency in getting work done.

I was speaking with another game developer recently who said he often attained much-needed inspiration to work on his game by having people play it. Of course, I've had some help from friends and family. But it seems like a positive relationship with said people stops them from being blunt and honest. (or maybe my game is perfect.. ha!)

So.. would anybody help me out?

First, a little about my game..

It's a puzzle title designed for iOS. It will be released for free download and sale on iPhone pretty much as soon as it's done, with an iPad version to follow soon after.

Players need to progress from the start to the finish, and clear every single tile on the board to win.

That's all I can really say to be honest, it's a pretty simple concept, but I think you need to play it to realise how deep it can be, too.

There's been some considerable challenge in developing this, as it's my first full-blown game. (I have made a few other games but put little effort into polishing them or making them enjoyable):

 •  Programming continues to offer some challenge as I learn to be more fluent. It's not necessarily hard to do, but it can be interesting to attempt to apply code in unique ways in order to achieve a certain effect.

 •  Art. I am quite possibly one of the worst in the world when it comes to art -- both traditional and digital. In this game, every single graphic is produced by programming. A positive side effect of this is that file size also drops.

 •  Level design. This has by far been the most challenging aspect of developing my game. Solving puzzles is nothing compared to creating them. Thinking about how to trick gamers is most difficult. It's also hard to tell if the difficulty of my puzzles is appropriate -- having created the puzzles makes it hard to gauge exactly how hard they are to beat.

So, this is where you guys come in. If you would be interested in helping, I'd love some feedback on the difficulty curve of what I have so far :)

If this is you, or you have any questions to ask about the development process, please feel free to drop a comment below! :)
Posted 28/12/2012
Harry 77,956 XP

Game Development Blog #1: Procrastination Comments

  • Harry 77956 XP 28/12/2012
    Hopeful release date: first few weeks of January 2013. :P Your help is needed to help me achieve this goal =D
  • Tia 84717 XP 28/12/2012 +2


    My iPod touch is old and my laptop refuses to install iTunes, but if none of that matters, I'd love to help! :P
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  • Harry 77956 XP 28/12/2012
    Actually, none of that does matter! I'll send through a PM with details on how you can help, it's much appreciated :)
  • Mista_T 1632 XP 31/12/2012
    Do you have a testflight that people can use to download it?

    Have you looked into a company called kickfolio that allows you too put your game into a web applet?

    Either way, it's cool to see something like this happening. Especially if having a blog here allows you to get beta users to give you feedback. Nothing quite like getting people to stress test your product.
  • Harry 77956 XP 31/12/2012 +1
    Well actually, I do have copy that will run on any PC / Mac. Having said that, Kickfolio looks awesome! I will have to look into that as it looks infinitely helpful for games still in development. :)

    Thanks for the comment :) Always motivating to see a bit of interest from other people. =D
  • Marge 24871 XP 02/01/2013 +1
    If I can get it running on PC I'd love to help. Obviously i wouldn't help in terms of bug finding for iOS, but I could give the puzzles a test run =D
  • Harry 77956 XP 02/01/2013
    @Marge thanks for the help :) Will send a PM through now :)
  • EndBoss 10040 XP 02/01/2013
    Harry, love to help anyway that we can to showcase this, publicise this etc :)
  • Harry 77956 XP 03/01/2013 +1
    That's very generous, @EndBoss :) I might just have to be in touch as I complete this in the coming fortnight. :)
  • Tano 363562 XP 03/01/2013
    "It will be released for free download and sale on iPhone pretty much as soon as it's done"

    You mean you're going to sell a game...when it's finished!??!?!? What is this travesty? :P

    Good work man. Keep it up.
  • Harry 77956 XP 03/01/2013

    Beta said: "It will be released for free download and sale on iPhone pretty much as soon as it's done"
    You mean you're going to sell a game...when it's finished!??!?!? What is this travesty?

    I don't know, I guess I'm just nothing like EA. [MOG]
  • Mista_T 1632 XP 03/01/2013
  • Heller 186978 XP 17/01/2013
    Of course I'd love to help you out @Harry - even with some PR work if need be :)
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