Black Ops II Care Package Unboxing
It's that time of year again a new Call of Duty game is out.
On Tuesday the 13th of November I wait for my local EB Games to open, after receiving this massive box I head home.

To my surprise the games just sitting on top of the care package.

I grab the Care Package out of the box admiring the colours used to make it look effective, black and orange are well suited for each other.

Opening the Care Package was a joy it was really well secured similar to a tool box, I open it to find two boxes inside.

After removing both the boxes lays hidden this steel book and two coins.

Both sides of the steel book.

Heading back to those boxes removed earlier I find the drone and remote, the drone looks to be made out of polystyrene. (might be a good idea because I guarantee they will be crashed.)

A close up of the drone.

And finally the full pack closed up with the game.

Posted 14/11/2012
winga26 82,965 XP

Black Ops II Care Package Unboxing Comments

  • Gryllis 363567 XP 14/11/2012
  • Olly 33904 XP 14/11/2012
    That drone is lol worthy, never have i come into contact with such a cheaply made product for the price. Me and staff I know at my local GAME store were having a right chuckle at it, the bloody things is 80% polystyrene! poor battery life. Lol worthy [Facepalm]
    Nice unboxing though @winga26 for people who haven't seen it. ;)
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  • Tano 356457 XP 14/11/2012
    Pretty awesome. Thanks for the unboxing.
  • Gryllis 363567 XP 14/11/2012
    How does the Drone control?

    Does it control? :P
  • M@ndyz 250057 XP 14/11/2012
    love the case. much nicer then the borderlands 2 case
  • 1up 1683 XP 14/11/2012
    Not big on the drone but I could get behind the rest.
  • Demonwolf6 587 XP 18/11/2012
    AWESOME!!! =D (love) WANT IT!!
  • Enarium 195 XP 18/11/2012
    Looks Amazing!
  • xxLCr0wxx 6495 XP 04/12/2012
    shame they did'nt have this for the wiiU verson
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