Another Night, More Development
Developing in C++, Getting mad at VB and being past the HSC
During my HSC course, i had to study VB... That is a tale worse than the Twilight saga. The language is awful, its simple and stupid. Sort of like a southerner.

Then I had my eyes opened by other languages thankfully, but now we are clear. VB is past, I just couldn't be damned taking pictures of my current code.

But other than that, Progress is slow and making something that is classed as "new" is still a challenge, what defines new? Something better than before or never seen. Because me Imagination is good but even I struggle to grasp things we have not seen and the possible.

Im just going to keep going with my current goal, keeping it as original as I can. Software dev is a job, Game Dev is for fun.

But were my 1000 Good Intentions lost in translation? - Rise Against

Reticence - Looking for some Friends here :P
Posted 22/01/2013
Reticence 24 XP

Another Night, More Development Comments

  • Booth 23073 XP 23/01/2013
    What languages are you looking at opening up to now?

    I did both C# and VB.NET at uni. The VB programming came on later through the course and everyone who did that subject really wanted to go back to C#.
  • Reticence 24 XP 23/01/2013
    I am advancing from my simple knowledge level of C++ Before i start UNI feb this year :P
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  • flamingwil 2 XP 11/02/2013
    Better you study siple language first. VB.Net is good for a starter and then go C# . After that you can turn to C++ or Java , because c# syntaxes are very similar to Java or C++.

  • yuh25 3334 XP 16/02/2013
    removed876 - :( Hope everything is alright man...
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