MMGN Minecraft Updates – 12th Mar
More screen shots and some new projects.

Here we are back again giving you an update covering all that is Minecraft. We take a look at everything that happens on the MMGN Minecraft server, sharing screen shots of the creative work done by members and what has been happening to the game while it’s still hovering around in beta mode. In this episode of MMGN MC updates we have a massive amount of screen shots to share with you both from Operation Hohville and of personal structures. There’s more details on the community projects, the first of many Minecraft competitions has commenced and a few tips on how to enjoy your time on the MMGN server, read on to find out more.

One nice aspect of the MMGN Minecraft community is team projects where a group of people get together and work on the one large scale goal. Everyone chips in with land clearing, donating supplies and building structures. There’s a couple of these community projects currently running right now and you are more than welcome to join in.

Operation Hohville

Things seem to have wound down in the form of newly constructed structures and buildings, so cap things off I have grabbed a few screen shots of what has been created by numerous members.

Project Spirit tracks

Just hit the planning stage is the all new community project dubbed Sprit Tracks!

I made the proposal for a new project earlier this week and wanted to get everyone involved from start to finish and it came to a unanimous decision that we go super large scale and recreate the map from the Spirit Tracks. As you can see from the above illustration we will have our work cut out for us but with more and more people signing up to help this should becomes something special.

Minecraft Competition #1 - Animalz!

Like to play Minecraft? Like to win prizes? Like building creepy animals with weird faces?

If you answered 'yes' to the above, then get ready to enter MMGN's first Minecraft competition. The aim is simple: build the best animal. Using any resources you please, warp to 'competition' (/warp competition in chat) and start building!

To join in, you'll need to be whitelisted. If you're not already whitelisted, visit out server's forum page to find out how.

In this competition, we're only looking at the aesthetics of your animal. Building an intricate interior may be nice, but a small and simple construction can be just as effective.

Please respect the boundaries of the flatlands and don't build too big. Anyone caught destroying the area or anybody else's projects will be banned. To avoid this issue, please get an admin to protect your buildings if you're competing.


First place: 32 diamond gems
Second place: 32 gold ingots
Third place: 64 iron ingots

Building must be finished by 7:30pm on Saturday. Uncompleted projects will be judged, though completion will be taken into account when deciding winners.

Good luck, and have fun!

This competition is still chugging along so you have some time left to get your entry in, won’t be long before the next competition kicks in though.

The MMGN Minecraft server resides in a humble server called the Gibson, I’m sure most of you would have heard of this server by now but for those that haven’t Harry has thrown together an article giving a full rundown of the server. It covers everything from rules right through to how you can donate.

As mentioned before in the last Minecraft Update we lost our server mods when we rolled over to Beta 1.3, one mod we lost that caused a little bit of drama was our beloved whitelist that became inactive which meant anyone could waltz in and run amuck. With the gates wide open a few undesirables came in a decided to let loose with some destruction. It was a little sad to see out work get destroyed but I think the worst part of it was that we got to see the bad side of the Minecraft community. Every since I started playing the people I have encountered both members and randoms have been very nice, so it was disappointing that some people went out of their way to do the following…

It wasn’t all bad news since we could revert the server back a few days prior to griefing and there was a handful of nice randoms that came in for a visit to have a little look around, so to the guys that popped in for a friendly visit please feel free to check out requirements to be added to the server whitelist.

Since the Hey0 server mods we have been using up until now is starting to show its age Doles has made the decision to switch over to Bukkit server mod, if you want to know a little more about it then check this link. What that means for you guys that frequent the MMGN server is that the commands you have gotten used to will have changed, bare with us as we work the new system out. Once it’s all up and running we’ll list all the user commands available.

Gibson world map

Gibson current map.

Zoomed in at Hohville.

The world map of the MMGN Minecraft server is now available in 3D, Google maps style! CLICK HERE for an active version of the map. This link will be updated every time a new map is released so feel free to bookmark it.

Minecraft Stats

Minecraft statistics as of February 11th 2011 11:32PM Melbourne time

1984 players online, in 766 servers.
5185604 registered users, of which 1552324 (29.93%) have bought[*] the game.
In the last 24 hours, 34535 people registered, and 8637 people bought the game.

Minecraft Updates

A few interesting updates taken from Notch’s personal blog and every other major update you get shown in the recently added launcher.

Minecraft - Volume Alpha by C418

C418 makes music for Minecraft. He has released an OST of sorts on bandcamp. All the music from Minecraft (including a few unreleased tracks) are on there, in high quality. If you would like to listen to Minecraft C418 music or even download it follow this link.

Terrain generation, Part 1 After popular demand Notch has given us all a rundown on how the terrain works in Minecraft, to read the full article click here. Very interesting read if you want to know the technical aspects of the game.

Other cool Minecraft stuff to check out

Since nothing as creative was done recently that compares to what was posted in the last update I decided to dig up a couple of older ones that are worth watching.

Found a cool Minecraft video that you think should be posted here? Then send me a link via personal message and I’ll add it in the next update.

If you are on the MMGN Minecraft server and would like to show everyone what you have created then take some screen shots and post them Here! Check the original post in that thread for instructions on how to submit your screen shots. We love checking these out so please take the time to take some screen shots so we can check out your work.


Since beds were added I decided to make a hotel and then got side tracked and made a 200 x 100 block Pacman stage. Thanks goes out to nothing who helped me dye all that black wool and fill in the floor.


Something to do with Pokemon.


Frazerc83 decided to use up all the cobblestone available on the map to make this massive robotic creeper statue.

That’s it for this update, keep your dropping into the PC channel of MMGN to get all the latest Minecraft information.

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  • DaNoSaUr 12525 XP 14/03/2011
    ROFL "rip bob" I remember that :P
  • Guyver 476298 XP 14/03/2011

    DaNoSaUr said: ROFL "rip bob" I remember that

    You and your silly pet :P
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  • yuh25 3334 XP 14/03/2011
    wow that's a lot of building, how'd u guys get all the stuff?
  • Pilkingbod 101515 XP 14/03/2011
    Dear God...

    project Spirit Tracks [Derp]
  • catemp2 1222 XP 14/03/2011

    yuh25 said: wow that's a lot of building, how'd u guys get all the stuff?

    its minecraft... lol at pretty much infinite blocks :D
    edit: I still don't know how to send you my photos for next time guyver? do I upload them to the web and then send you the links?
    I have a few places in mind :D
  • Doles 40449 XP 14/03/2011
    Great article again Guyver! =D
  • Aerodrome 66454 XP 14/03/2011
    Guyver you twit.

    It's Hyrule Castle.

    Have you had your head under a soundproof rock for 4 months? (evil)
  • Harry 77956 XP 14/03/2011

    Aerodrome said: Guyver you twit.
    It's Hyrule Castle.
    Have you had your head under a soundproof rock for 4 months?

    I think it was a joke..
  • Guyver 476298 XP 15/03/2011

    Aerodrome said: Guyver you twit.
    It's Hyrule Castle.
    Have you had your head under a soundproof rock for 4 months?

    MMGN Minecraft Updates – 12th Mar
  • Desi 42094 XP 16/03/2011
    Oh my goodness, that mecha is so awesome.
  • Trowzers 174 XP 16/03/2011
    Wow awesome stuff guys. Pity about the griefing :(
  • S_Facelift 4749 XP 17/03/2011
    I did like how guyvers creeper was crying lava.
  • 1337Pwnage 1460 XP 18/03/2011
    damn.. these are amazing..
  • Guyver 476298 XP 23/03/2011

    S_Facelift said: I did like how guyvers creeper was crying lava.

    I was crying as well :(
  • Kazanagii 415346 XP 23/03/2011
    You gotta stop breaking the page, man.
  • Nothing07 16543 XP 23/03/2011
    But that's what Guyver does.
    Breaks things.
  • Kazanagii 415346 XP 23/03/2011
    No, that's Sjt. :P
    Also setting things on fire.
  • Guyver 476298 XP 23/03/2011

    nothing07 said: But that's what Guyver does.
    Breaks things.

    Says the 2 time server breaking champion!
  • MadMaxxi 256 XP 28/03/2011
    So many awesome buildings/creations
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