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Posted 01/08/2010

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  • cougarmon 3384 XP 30/07/2006
    well ask out her dont wait and then be dissapointed cause she is going out with another guy, and if she says no at least u know u can get on with ya life with out her
  • dexsmith99 1035 XP 30/07/2006
    there is one thing standig in the way . its name is


    her boyfriend
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  • Porter 1908 XP 30/07/2006
    punch him in the gob?
  • dexsmith99 1035 XP 30/07/2006
    there is one thing standig in the way . its name is


    her boyfriend
  • nbo 7631 XP 30/07/2006
    git a stik than find sum poo dog poo is a good 1 stick the sticl in dog poo an chass him away an ther you have it no more bf to git in the way
  • SlipknotMaggot -180 XP 31/07/2006
    ask her out
  • Mystikyl 1011 XP 31/07/2006
    i agree with nbo get a stick with poo hahaah that would be hell funny too c! nah i wldnt have a clue what too do, so it must suk to be u, sorri... but wat i did but this is like from primary skool, just become a realli good frend and hang out and stuff because she might ebnd up finding u so damn sexy and wanna pounce on u ! haha well good luck...
  • SlipknotMaggot -180 XP 31/07/2006
    or u could just pounce on her
  • dexsmith99 1035 XP 31/07/2006
    pouncing ? in class? i don't think so boys i thinnk we have ot do better
  • SlipknotMaggot -180 XP 31/07/2006
    on the playground is a good time
  • pookytook 721 XP 31/07/2006
    lol, if she has a bf then she ain't interested.


    bide your time....

    AND DON'T PUNCH OUT HER BF!! it's happened to me before, some guy tried to bash my bf up cause he wanted me lol, he ended up just looking like a prick. (sorry!)
  • maxchickens 131 XP 31/07/2006
    Just ask her out. If you don't you'll regret it later.

    The worst she can say is no. Then move on. There are PLENTY of fish in the sea
  • Evilgenius -8 XP 16/10/2006
    dude wait till she gets dumped she usualy is sad then take advantage liek tell her its ok make her feal happy then strike. note dont wait 5 years like me the get rejected.. we still are freinds even though she rjed me
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