2011 a year in review
What have we learned in 2011? How to find some treasure? How to play "Offline" or how to feel empathy when someone finally loses their battle with cancer.

What have we learned in 2011? We all found out how to play "Offline" when we saw the psn down for a serious amount of time this year. We also learned once again how to become treasure hunters with our pal Nathan Drake and we all felt a little bit of empathy when Steve Jobs finally lost his battle with cancer.

2011 and has been a very busy year for a lot of different reasons. Seeing Sony go into massive damage control after the attack against them was something in itself. 70 million users affected and no one wanted to raise the alarm bells that the network had been compromised. Finally we are told that they suffered an "external intrusion" and that they were working on the problem. Of course we all know now that this was going to last for days... AND days.. and DAYS! Yet back before we knew for sure every day like clock work we all tried to sign in only to see..

"System currently under maintenance" as we all started tearing our hair out.

I really don't think in the beginning anyone had an idea of how long the network would be down and the massive repercussions it would have on Sony as a company. So, we waited and waited and at last were told, "The problem has been fixed and everyone will receive a Welcome Back package" we rejoiced, not for the package but for the fact that we had all been outside living in the real world and we needed to retreat back to the gaming caves we so know and love. Have we forgiven Sony? I guess time will tell? For now they seem to be trying to win us over with the release of the Vita. I think I may be sold?

This year also saw a lot of our favourite characters return to the gaming screens. Batman asked for our help again to clean up the streets of Gotham, the Saints needed us to kick some butt with them while they acted totally outrageous. Nathan Drake took us on another treasure hunt and of course the lads from Modern Warfare needed our expertise on the Battlefield. Now I know I have missed a fair few out as well, but I personally couldn't help them all as I was far too busy being "Dragonborn"

This year we also faced some quite sad moments. Queensland and northern NSW were struck with some terrible flooding. Lots of people lost their lives and thousands lost their homes and livelihoods. Brisbane as a city has rebuilt but there is plenty of people still suffering, including those in northern QLD that get flooded almost every year.

This year we also lost Chairman and Co-Founder of Apple Steve Jobs. Love him or hate him the man did a lot for the computing world and started an iTrend that will live on forever no doubt.

Although I know I have missed out a LOT of things including the capture of Osama, the world's financial crisis and the death of Gadafi. I felt I would just highlight some of the things that affected me this year. What most affected you in 2011? What do you reflect back on? Was it a good or bad year for you and what do you hope for in the new year?
Posted 22/12/2011
Leasha 107,514 XP
In your house stealing your stuff..

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  • Bloard 23662 XP 22/12/2011
    Good read :)
  • Heller 186978 XP 22/12/2011
    Thanks for sharing @Leasha was a great read indeed. 2011 has been a big year!
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  • Leasha 107514 XP 22/12/2011
    Thanks guys!
  • Marge 24871 XP 22/12/2011
    i scrolled down to the bottom instinctively expecting a score out of 10 ... was dissapointed :P
  • IAMColonel 31570 XP 23/12/2011 +1
    My year in review:

    .... jk. :P
  • Pilkingbod 101515 XP 23/12/2011
    Summat about arrows in the knee = 2011
  • Leasha 107514 XP 23/12/2011

    IAMColonel said: My year in review:

    .... jk.

    I love that.
  • Gryllis 371665 XP 23/12/2011

    Pilkingbod said: Summat about arrows in the knee = 2011

    I'm sticking with last year's memes

    2011 a year in review
  • Atar 63057 XP 24/12/2011
    my body is ready for 2012
  • Jubilee 55245 XP 24/12/2011
    Thanks Leisha...I think Bin Laden and Kim Jong Ill's deaths are quite significant too and the Japan Earthquakes
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